Recap/Review: Scandal S3, E13

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Rest in peace, dear boy.

Gemma: Escandalo?

Rasha: Oh please yes. I know you’re happy.

G: I am happy. And vindicated.

R: Tell me more.

G: It’s just good when after a lot of threats somebody significant actually dies, and I like Cyrus’s humanity.

R: Jeff Perry does the best ugly crying I’ve seen in a while. And this episode almost made me think Fitz is worth something.

G: I never thought Fitz was worthless so much as clueless and kind of an ass. But that last moment was beautiful in its ugliness. Raw grief, when an actor can get at it, is just astounding. And Mr. Perry brought it.

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I admit it: I cried a little.

R: Agreed. I am glad that such a fine actor is getting such a luscious part. I thought he played the backstory so sweetly too, and the juxtaposition of timelines almost made me sad that he was losing James. Maybe he’ll get a new love interest?!

G: I can never figure out if Scandal has no emotional memory, just doesn’t care, or knows something real about contradiction. This episode made me think the latter, but that might just be Perry.

R: That is just Perry. I have seen Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

G: But it also crossed my mind that gay love and death is still pretty unusual on network. And James was not a Tragic Martyr. This was just real grief about love.

R: Totally. One more on the bit above and then I think I’m done talking about the white men in the episode: I think the cluelessness works for Fitz in this episode, as it comes across as a kind of innocent simplicity.

G: Yeah, agreed. Here’s a man who’s never experienced anything real, except maybe passion for Olivia, and he thinks the universe works in a certain way and he is sooooo wrong.

R: …which can of course be read for the bull headed white boy privilege that it is later and in so many other contexts.

G: I’m intrigued by the goings-on in the Adnan-Momma Liberation Front (AMLF), but I’m not sure they work, in that I don’t care about Adnan yet exactly.

R: Adnan, honey, if you get queasy at a Russian mobster getting taken down at point blank range because he broke protocol–


R: —well, I don’t really know why Harrison is scared of you.

G: Yes, also that. What was it she was expecting, exactly?

R: Also, that scene in the parking lot where she notices the car speeding away? Like she wouldn’t expect that Olivia Momma would have her tailed? All of that was too soon. Showing flank way too soon.

G: Yeah. They’re trying to rush this plot for some reason.

R: I wish it was because Archie Panjabi was available to take over as Suha Salif. But she seems like she’ll be employed a while yet!

G: Looks like probably so! Boy, was that a red herring! Anyway, we’ll talk about that soon.

R: Indeed, dear readers, tune in.

G: I mean, if it’s because Harrison and Adnan need to be doing more shtupping, I probably will not object.

R: They could keep doing that and raise the stakes later. It seems clumsy. But praise that Olivia’s Mom is nothing so common as a terrorist. Khandi Alexander runs the world. (Thank God that she left CSI: Miami.)

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Girls run the world!

G: Yes, yes she does. But she seems to be something so common as a mercenary?

R: She seems more like a Dark Fixer.

G: Hmmmm. Parallelism. I likes.

R: Basically, Olivia’s evil alter ego.

G: In spite of it being a Rhimes Monologue, I was actually a li’l bit touched by the Dad “everyone is worth saving” moment. Although I have to say 183 struck me as rather a low number, given the amount of time he spent as Command, and the amount of murders we’ve seen B613 commit in three brief years.

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Everyone … EVERYONE is worth saving!

R: Yes, it was the right time for a monologue, she was asking for it. And agreed on that number! I was like: is that ALL?!! Maybe these are darker times.

G: Ah. Yes. Naturally.

R: The Republic is Threatened! But I really appreciated that exchange between Olivia and Eli/Rowan. It can be refreshing when a show directly addresses its central theme. I was even kind of buying Papa Pope’s line.

G: I kinda was too. I don’t think I could watch this show for very long if I didn’t.

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See? He’s just bein’ a dad.

R: But I still have no idea how Command makes calls on what sh*t falls in their purview.

G: Yeah. Well, Commands have very long tenures, or are s’pose’da (though I suspect Jake’s days are numbered), so it probably has a lot to do with personality.

R: OMFG, that opening scene. I laughed so hard. You know Scott Foley is loving this at least as much as Kate Burton.

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Histrionics. What’s not to love?

G: Well, I think that must be the joy of working on a Rhimes show. LET IT THE F*CK LOOSE.

R: Also, who trusts David anymore with anything? Or is it just that he does whatever the last person tells him to do?

G: Well, David’s communication has been somewhat fragmented. People trust him because he was talking to someone else five minutes ago and they didn’t know.

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I hear and I obey.

R: And Abby, please no, that man is not Your Heart.

G: I have the feeling we’re in for a PTSD storyline with David that I’m not going to enjoy.

R: I’m so bored by it I forgot it before it was happening. And not because PTSD doesn’t deserve stories, but because it feels like this character has gotten more story-spackle than actual character development.

G: Indeed. Malina has something going, but the writing is scattered as alllll get-out.

R: Harrison, I have only one thing to say to you: sleep with Adnan more.

G: Cheers.

R: Can we do a roll call? Huck:


R: Ugh. The only line of hers I liked was her to Huck: if you’re not going to kill me, then get the hell out. I would have preferred the former.

G: I was hoping you did. That was the least hot kiss ever. (It really suffered by comparison to the Cyrus/James kiss.)

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Seriously. It kinda doesn’t get hotter than this.

R: I think Huck is confused.

G: Yes, meeee toooooo. Anyway. Olivia:

R: When can we handle a case again?! PLEASE?

G: Ah, the days before the procedurality got blasted all to hell.

R: Why are you plotting against the baddest spy agency to ever run the world and putting yourself in the firing line between your two parents? Should we just be examining this as family dynamics?

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Why, Olivia, why?

G: I think so. I think that’s what it’s all about.

R: Well, Ms. Rhimes, I tip my hats.

G: Especially in that scene with all her kiddos coming in being like “Help me, Liv!”

R: Oh, totes. I was like: oh dear, they’re all coming begging her to save their crush objects.

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Save us, Liv … save us all.

G: Awwww.

R: Can we get some perspective on Fitz here? He’s Olivia’s political crush object.

G: Fair enough.

R: Not even sexual or love object, but *political* crush.

G: True. Mellie: Get down with yo bad self.

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I dunno … Andrew kinda likes the weave shop.

R: Get yours. Shoot guns. Please imitate Sally Langston more often. For chrissakes, lose the weave shop on your head.

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