Recap/Review: Sleepy Hollow, S2, E1

Welcome to the heir apparent to Sunnydale.
Welcome to the heir apparent to Sunnydale.

Rasha: Sleepy Hollow.

Gemma: Sleepy Hollow! I was not thrilled with that premiere.

R: Tell me why.

G: I thought it evaded the richest potential threads. We needed more of what Purgatory is like for Abbie—it was so specific in the finale last season, and suddenly just a lot of wandering ghostly scariness, which are the boring parts of this show. The interesting parts are when its creepiness is met by psychological acuity in an offbeat manner.

R: What were the specific bits you thought were rich?

G: How Crane and Abbie handle separation. Crane’s maneuvering on Earth without Abbie. Crane’s thoughts or lack thereof about Katrina. Jenny’s determination to save Abbie, which took a backseat here—the Jenny of last season would not have just trusted Crane to take care of it after he screwed this up so royally.

R: YES. Where is stormy Jenny?

I do not know why Tomb Raider left the sister-rescuing to Mr. Fancy Pants.
I do not know why Tomb Raider left the sister-rescuing to Mr. Fancy Pants.

G: RIGHT?!?!?!? It is both how she’s most compelling and (sorry, but) how she’s sexiest …

R: Jenny doesn’t trust her own damn sister, with good reason.

G: She doesn’t trust her and she will go beyond all reason to save her. I love that relationship. They could have used it in this ep. They did not.

R: Here’s my take on the choices in the opener: They had to catch people up who are tuning in for the first time, and folks who have forgotten what happened in the first weird-ass season. Masons! Demons! Founding Fathers! Christian tropes!

G: I suppose.

R: And they wanted to lighten before they got heavy again. So the wacky birthday cupcake for ‘Merica.

I made a cupcake, for America!
I made a cupcake, for America!

G: I did appreciate the red herring time jump.

R: During which, I was all like: did Abbie get more prettified since last season? Like, her eyebrows or something different with her eyelashes? And then I realized that she was smiling. And it wasn’t until later in the episode that I realized that I’ve only seen her with frowning concerned-face.

G: Hah!

R: None of that negates your points about lost opportunities.

G: No, I hear you. When I get into human relationships on shows, I cease to be an adequately commercial thinker.

R: I did enjoy seeing them be all Buffy the Headless Slayer with their gear, though.

Use the consecrated rounds!
Use the consecrated rounds!

G: Also, shirtless horseman was f*cking hilarious.

R: Yes. Sexxy??? Blugh! But also, trying to catch a peek!

G: Right!?!?

R: Even Katrina thought it.

G: I do think they have long since missed their boat on Katrina.

R: Dude, I can’t with her accent. They must share the same dialog coach with Vampire Diaries.

G: That actor is unquestionably the weakest link. She was boring on Dexter, she’s boring now.

R: Oh, I’m meeting her for the first time.

G: She had a season-long arc on Dexter, where she was a stripper who was dating the most boring character on Dexter.

R: Quinn?

G: Yeppers. However, my friend mentioned that she saw a missed opportunity for Katrina to be, in fact, evil, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

R: There’s the moment in S1 when Icky finds out she’s a witch.

G: I think it would have been wonderful if she and Jeremy/Henry had re-established contact while she was in purgatory and entered into some kind of pact. WAY better betrayal, way more complex setup for this season.

Plants are a theme with this one. Crane, you should have guessed it was him when the plant on the desk started moving...
Plants are a theme with this one. Crane, you should have guessed it was him when the plant on the desk started moving…

R: Ooo … that is interesting. Speaking of Sticky Icky —I miss Orlando Jones!!!

G: Oh, so do I! I want him back!!!

R: He’s coming back, I’m sure. Unless you’ve read otherwise?!!?

G: No, I’ve read nothing yet. I only just started in on this show two weeks ago, all I’ve read are Vulture recaps. I also want more depth on that Jenny/Amandla Stenberg mentoring relationship that was developing.

R: Yes. More please. You know, for all the Masons and Nazis and Christian exorcism tropes, I do appreciate how none of the conversations that Jenny and Abbie have are about boyz.

G: Yes. I hope they keep that up. I like how completely Jenny’s had her own life. Although they sometimes use that cheaply. Jenny Ex Machina.

R: Jenny is kind of the Lara Croft character in this show. Worldly, hunts illuminati treasure. And none of Jenny and Abbie’s conversations with boyz (with the exception of John Cho‘s character who has some strange obsession love with Abbie) are even about boyz.

G: I wish I liked John Cho, because I like the idea of his character a lot, in the way that I always like it when TPTB complicate Evil.

R: Do you really think another actor could do it better? The setup felt very cardboard for his character.

G: It is definitely a flawed setup, but somebody whose tenderness didn’t feel so stiff would be better. I don’t find him very nuanced.

R: No. His projects zero chemistry for Abbie or any other human. One gets the sense he’d hug you with his arms out in front of him.

Yes, I remember that you love me and are also possessed by a demon.
Yes, I remember that you love me and are also possessed by a demon.

G: Yeah, exactly. Of course, I feel similarly about the ex whose name I always forget because he is boring. I am sort of hoping they’ll take a second-season opportunity to drop him and not say anything about it.

R: Yeah. He seemed to only be serving as the friction for why we shouldn’t accept Ichabody—and thereby insure that the audience bought in.

G: That’s true. Strategy!

R: I love the humor in this show.

G: Me too! The sardonic parts are my favorite parts.

R: Ichabod with the OnStar vehicle emergency support lady? Hilarious! I laughed and made sounds.


R: Also, Abbie gets some great moments up front to laugh at this ‘progressive’ old-ass dusty white dude’s ideas about race.

G: I hope they’re going to be able to maintain that when Crane and Abbie finally hook up.

R: NO. I will not accept it. I know that every show ever has this trajectory. BUT NOT THIS SHOW.

G: If they can make it through the show without it, I’d be delighted too.

Sticky Icky, in his best romantic-lead beard.
Sticky Icky, in his best romantic-lead beard.


G: But I doubt it.


G: They are a Man and a Woman! They are Friends! With Each Other! Therefore, When Harry Met Sally! Don’t you get TV?

R: I love them for how resolutely they are not going to date each other. Please let their interpersonal chemistry just be about the Christian duty they have as Witnesses to the apocalypse—that has a meaning to it! … Only this show could make me say that.

G: I love the notion that friendship and a commitment to a mission and deep senses of compassion and responsibility could do it, too.

R: I say this as someone who wanted to see Bones and Boreanaz together. And then hated it. Ugh.

G: Yeah, that was bad. I am still watching, and it is still bad.

R: I want to see Ichabod love and be devoted to Abbie and willing to die for her and not at all need her to be his girlfriend to do it.

G: Yes, and if you could do it with anything, you could do it with peculiar pseudoChristian time travel.

R: Praise?

G: I really do love the premise that all of American history was actually subliminally about fighting demons.

R: I noticed that Len Wiseman, of the Kate Beckinsale is a vampire in Underworld franchise, is a producer on the show.

G: Nice.

R: I also enjoy the playfulness that Ichabod’s character brings to retelling ish about the white patriarchs. I think Benjamin Franklin as a self-important nudist is hilarious. He also fights the occult!

G: Yes, that was absolutely delightful. Definitely one of the positives of this episode.

R: But given that I’m living in D.C., in the aftermath of what George Washington’s plantation ownership has made of a city—I’m wishing that Icky wasn’t such a devotee of George.

G: I think the show leaves room to question his choices, though, and Georgie wasn’t portrayed as heroically as he would be on most shows—in terms of casting, etc.

R: Could we not get a Crispus Attucks up in here?

G: Awww, c’mon, you don’t want Abbie to be attracted to his demon incarnation?

R Of who? Don’t they all get one?

G: Attucks!

R: I can’t even tell if you’re being facetious.

G: Me neither. I was, but then I started exploring the idea, which is kind of what this show does to me.

R: Well, this makes me look forward to tonight’s episode. Orlando Jones, I’ll be there!