Recap/Review: Sleepy Hollow, S2 E3

Abbie: the ultimate betrayer?
Will Abbie be darkforced by the end of the season?

Gemma: This ep felt evasive to me.

Rasha: That is not what I was expecting, but go for it.

G: I think they, pardon the phrase given the context, dodged the bullet.

R: Oh, snap!

G: I guess they needed to make Reyes central quickly, which I understand, but the coin made the young dude kill his DAD, of COURSE Jenny would go after ABBIE immediately, not Reyes.

Tyrian shekels: the root of at least SOME evil.
Tyrian shekels: the root of at least SOME evil.

But they weren’t ready to handle that, and it wasn’t late enough in the season to do it.

R: When they were at the bar with the surfer version of Crane …

Is Hawley Jenny's Crane? Maybe.
Is Hawley Jenny’s Crane? Maybe.

R: I thought they jumped too quickly to Abbie being all like, “well, of course my sister is an unstable rage-monster who will kill me even on a good day.”

G: Right. It was not doing justice to the complexity of their relationship.

R: It seemed not at all suspense-y, and I liked it better that even darkforce Jenny would never hurt her sister.

G: Oh, last season, that was agonizing!

R: That sh*t is TRAGIC. Because Jenny should be able to fight her sister.

This will not last.
This will not last.

G: She needs to. I hope we will see that happening–Mills against Mills, Crane against Crane.

R: I actually wonder if it gives some space for Abbie to be the sister with greater darkness. Which, honestly, makes more sense to me, and is more compelling.

G: Yes. I think they’re leaning towards that, with the information Reyes is offering.

R: I think that coin is like the gun on stage. Abbie has got to go darkforce before the season is over.

It will go off in the third act.
It will go off in the third act.

G: I’m not clear what Hawley’s gonna do, but he will certainly be a player here.

R: Okay, I appreciated the space that a character like Hawley opens up, though he is another example of Jenny Ex Machina, given that he enters the plot through an off-hand comment by her.

G: Yes, well, Jenny Ex Machina works for anything sub-legal. Given that our primary characters from the present have been law-abiding law-enforcers all their lives.

Even this.
But were I taking on monsters, I would want Jenny on my team.

R: I like the irritating mirror that Hawley holds up to Icky.

G: Hehe, me too.

That is one irritating mirror.
That is one irritating mirror.

R: Hawley, who is totally ready to believe there are magic coins that made Judas betray Jesus, and who did SERIOUS and CRIMINAL research to get consecrated glass, thinks that Ichabod should up his meds if he remembers hanging out with First Nations tribes who’ve been gone for two centuries. Is this a show about WHAT IS SANITY, EVEN?

G: I think that’s exactly what it’s about, yeah!

R: I’m in.

G: And I think it’s no accident that a show about that is full of diverse—racewise, classwise, genderwise (sexual-orientation-wise remains to be seen)—characters is a show that asks that question.

R: Word.

G: I think we’re at a juncture where every primary and secondary character is compelling, and I’m loving it. Abbie, Jenny, Irving, Ickie, Reyes, Hawley, Henry, even Katrina and Abraham. I’m really interested in everyone’s story.

What's going to happen with Reyes?
What’s going to happen with Reyes?

R: Okay, I have something on Patriarchy, parenting, and progessive values. I have reversed course from last week and am no longer mad about Henry being more like the pater than his pater.

These are some complex daddy issues.
These are some complex daddy issues.

G: Good! Because I love it!

R: I think I’m down with your take that Henry is the embodiment of evil in the form of a well-heeled, crypto-British, older generation white male.

G: I’m sticking with it until the show disappoints me.

R: AND, if that is so… then I think it gives this show an interesting mirror for hipster parents to look into. Which, let’s be honest, is what Katrina and Ichabod are.

Ladies and gentlemen, the original White Hipster Dad.
Ladies and gentlemen, the original White Hipster Dad.

G: Hah! Nice!

R: That showdown between Henry and Crane in the police station made me feel our Romantic Lead Hipster Progressive “I’m totally comfortable with homosexuality but not men wearing hats inside the building” younger sensitive white gent character having to grapple with the results of his ABSENCE and LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY to the trauma and juvenile neediness that has resulted a ruthless will to power and destruction by an older white dude. Who is also his son.

G: Wow. That’s fascinating.

R: I think it throws responsibility for the past on the current young generation of folks who style themselves as “evolved.” I don’t even know if the show all the way knows that it’s doing that, but it is. I would believe that some of the actors know it.

G: I kind of love it.

R: Also, Henry flaming the bed he was born in should become the signature image for childhood trauma.

Go big or go home.
Go big or go home.

G: I’m still working your theory here, because while I love the acting opportunities that come with the son being older than the parents, I was ready to just read it as convoluted Freudianism. But your way is better.

R: Oh, my desires are so much bigger than Freud, always. I’m looking forward to tracking this through the season.

G: Good stuff.

R: Oh, man, was it just me or did you want to give Irving a hug when he wanders in to see Crane playing Scrabble and asks if he’s been waiting long to see him? How is Orlando Jones also a teddy bear?

I haz sadz!
I haz sadz!

G: He was soooooo playing to Ickie/Irving shippers there, but yes.

R: And then he shifts so quick on the “I’ve got to get out because my family needs me.” Which is very Captain Irving.

G: Which means they will bring Amandla Stenberg back, and I will be happy!

R: Can we get a 3 episode arc of just Irving with his daughter?

G: And Jenny.

R: Yes. Letter sealed and sent. Please Santa/Trick or Treat/For my birthday?

G: All the family dynamics are so rich on this show!

R: That is going to be thick! Also, what will Henry do to Irving with the blood signature?? I MUST KNOW.


R: Also, the magical Macguffins they’re making for Henry are kind of delightful. That model of the town is quaint and ominous at the same time.

John Noble is rich in this role.
John Noble is rich in this role.

G: Yes. John Noble’s having a hell of a time with that. I think that’s really the bottom line for Katia Winter. Unlike the rest of them, she’s not a good enough actor to get JOY from these ridiculous scenarios.

R: She looked a little better this time out. I did love Abbie’s speech about her, which is maybe how they’ll get her acting done, by proxy. “Let her? She’s a woman, a witch, and a redhead. You couldn’t have stopped her.” Then Abbie does a mic-drop on the “don’t ever bet a mother will side against her own child.”

G: Yes! See! Abbie knows things! Nicole Beharie knows things!

You are looking at a woman with actorly smarts.
You are looking at a woman with actorly smarts.

G: There is just a sense on this show, even when they’re dealing with legal representation from Devil Spawn of 18th-Century Hipsters, that everyone is having such fun with it. Is “Devil Spawn of 18th-Century Hipsters” too long to be a tag?

R: Not if we could tag like Orlando Jones.

G: No one can tag like Orlando Jones.

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  1. I’ve yet to encounter a TV show, even one with primary POC characters, that doesn’t still use the “dark=bad, light=good” frame. It’s even tougher for Sleepy Hollow, what with the Christian Biblical thread.