Recap/Review: Sleepy Hollow, S2 E5

Drowning in the middle of a library … I love what this show can do with settings.
Drowning in the middle of a library … I love what this show can do with settings.

Gemma: So, Ichabod’s jilted love!

Rasha: It was a nice break to see a character not exclusively deployed in the battle between Good and Evil. She brings ambiguity on so many storylines! I suppose the Piper should fit this mold, but didn’t quite so well. Because jealousy and lies and Katrina!

G: Yes! Confusion on all kinds of love!

R: I really enjoyed a lot of things about this episode.

G: Name a few.

A blast from the past … from the past!
A blast from the past … from the past!

R: Well, I feel vindicated that #HawleyExMachina had to step in to give Abbie mouth-to-mouth because Ichabod wasn’t ready to cross that line/didn’t take CPR back in the day. When did CPR get invented, btw?

Almost … but we won't go quite that corny.
Almost … but we won’t go quite that corny.

G: I definitely interpreted the scene as him not knowing what CPR was, but being a little overwhelmed upon seeing it.

R: I felt reassured by that decision on the part of the writers and showrunners. There’s been so much nodding to the Ichabbie romance-ship, even at the beginning of this episode, that it was reassuring to see a choice that kept a line of friendship and deep alliance between them. A cornier show would go for the cheap thrill. Which isn’t to say that this show isn’t corny. Love the hand-churned butter at the opening sequence!

G: I did like that the way Ichabod developed a contemporary friendship was by hanging out with colonial reenactors.

R: That was charming and definitely fit our 18th Century Hipsters with Artisanal Beards angle.

G: Ferrealz.

R: I was bummed that she died as soon as she was introduced!

RIP, Caroline.
RIP, Caroline.

G: Yes, that was sad!!!

R: The development this week between Ichabod and Katrina felt overdue.

G: Yes, it did. Although Katia Winter was still not actor enough to handle the material she was given here. Okay, I’ll stop complaining about her.

We have doubt.
We have doubt.

R: She doesn’t have the kind of gravitas people often expect of witch characters, but I wasn’t so down on her this week. I think Ichabod doubting Katrina is crucial.

G: Go on.

R: Dude barely batted an eye when he found out his wife was 1- a spy; 2 – a witch; 3 – pregnant with a child she never told him about…who became the most powerful warlock the world has ever seen. And she left his friend to be with him. Why did it take this long for the flashing red lights of DANGER to go off? I mean, she is cute and a redhead. But still.

Cute, yes. A redhead, yes. Let's see these powers, showrunners!
Cute, yes. A redhead, yes. Let’s see these powers, showrunners!

G: Well, it seems like back in the day everybody was distracted with their revolutionary demon battles. However much their falling in love has been touted, they never had the time to know each other very well.

R: This is where I think Mary’s point about her enchanting Ichabod isn’t altogether off. Remember first season when Katrina was the pious young woman who radicalized Ichabod? I don’t know that I want to see Katrina go super-evil, and the show won’t likely let her, but even a little Dark Willow turn would be satisfying. She’s a powerful witch, but she skulks around wringing her hands mostly. She needs something to do.

G: I was also a little frustrated that they didn’t go all the way and have Katrina actually having killed Mary, even accidentally. It was a very clear “Oh, we can’t have the character be THAT unsympathetic!” move, but it lowered the stakes between Katrina and Ichabod.

R: Well, we only have Katrina’s word about what happened.

I still want her to be all-out evil. Like, for Henry and Abraham to inspire her to serious betrayal.
I still want her to be all-out evil. Like, all-out betrayal, surpassing even Henry.

G: That’s true … I guess I can keep hoping for Evil!Katrina.

R: Well, Moloch shares your hope!

G: So any ideas on what a Hellfire Shard might be?

R: I don’t know! Sounds Magical and MacGuffiny to me! Like Horcruxes!

G: The ending made me think that the family dynamic will be crucial, that there will be a key point at which Henry will falter for emotional reasons.

This man is faltering.
This man is faltering.

And that Katrina will have to take that window or not take it.

R: Well, he has already shown how it will: “Give me any reason to hurt my parents!” Even his rage is founded on human attachment that makes him a bad soldier. Which brings me to something I am most intrigued by in this episode: Moloch (who, btw, is a *light-skinned* demon/devil figure) reminds Henry that he is not the mastermind, but himself a mere pawn. Which, in our reading of this show’s signals about White patriarchal power structures used for oppression, is interesting. Even those who think they’re gaining power and running things are in fact, being run by structures that are bigger and older and even nastier than their nastiest actions, in a way that still does not negate personal culpability.

This is what The System looks like.
This is what The System looks like.

G: Indeed! And we can never see the mastermind, the force, clearly. Moloch as a system.

R: For real. One more thing—and this goes back to my comment last week about Henry making a crypto-revolutionary speech to Irving about taking up arms to protect his family and get justice—

G: (Missed Irving this week, by the way!)

R: (yes, but we got a taste of Jenny! Sexy Jenny!!)

Sexy Jenny!
Sexy Jenny!

R: —Moloch reminding Henry that he is a soldier is something that happens a lot in supposedly revolutionary movements, and that mess has always needled me. I am not anyone’s soldier. ‘Cause honestly, it’s always a guy who’s talking like that. Here Moloch says it as a slap in the face, but there are places where it’s said as a compliment. And I really don’t think it is.

G: Well, in that case, Jenny is the counterpoint. More than anybody else on this show, Jenny ain’t anyone’s soldier.

R: Yes, I love Jenny.

G: Ichabod and Abbie are bound to their duty, and Moloch is trying to convince Henry that he is bound to his duty rather than his mommy issues, but Jenny does what needs done by her own accounting.

R: Jenny is still totally caught up in her sister issues. And this new twist with Hawley is not going make that nice.

Must this man choose between the Mills sisters? What will become of us?
Must Hawley choose between the Mills sisters? What will become of us?

G: No, it is not. I’m eager to see how that transpires.

R: Yeah, right? I did not think I would say that about a love triangle with a dude this bro-y.

G: Also, shout-out to Mr. Noble, seriously. Because in that last moment, which was a MOMENT, you could see him realizing he’s not sure he wants to be a soldier permanently, is getting a sense of what he has to give up to have his revenge.

Do I want this mission? Do I want my mother?
Do I want this mission? Do I want my mommy?

R: I heart John Noble. Have you seen Fringe? He played himself in two different universes/time streams and it was amazing.

G: No, never watched.

R: It totally got me. If you liked X-Files, you might dig it. Which, btdubs, is what folks around the web have also said about Sleepy Hollow.

G: I still stand by Sleepy Hollow as Buffy‘s heir apparent.

I think Abbie's way more of a badass than Buffy. So sue me.
I think Abbie’s way more of a badass than Buffy. So sue me.

G: I never got into X-Files, though the eps I saw I liked. What I love about this show, though, is that it’s not a procedural. It gives the barest of nods to that format, but there’s a constant overarching narrative, and however overwrought it can be, it’s always connected, and thus the character development moves fast and deep. This show is all about the relationship between what’s personal and what’s large-scale. And I love it.

R: Totally. To me, the monster-fighting is just an excuse to spend time with these intriguing people who are both bad-ass and also feel the feelings. So many feelings!

Sooooo many!
Sooooo many!