Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1 E8


Rasha: Wanna talk about MURRRRDER?

Gemma: I DO! So far I’m still saying we’re right about Bonnie, but I’m wondering what she and Annalise have in the past, as they clearly want me to.

R: See, I don’t know. Paris Geller surprised me by crying at her Lady and Savior’s feet. That was either the most heavy-handed, poorly-played ish, or it was the most sincere. Her kiss with Sam made me wonder who was manipulating whom. Do we really believe that’s the first time that Sam and Bonnie have kissed?

Who is playing whom? Battle of the murderfaces.
Who is playing whom? Battle of the murderfaces.

G: I was superhoping that Annalise and Bonnie had a D/s past. That will probably not happen, but I really want it. The staging of the Annalise/Bonnie scene was ludicrous, though. That only works in Shakespeare, and barely then.

R: That picture definitely reads. And earlier in the courtroom, where Annalise is chewing her out for not seeing the son/nanny relationship – “It’s the only reason I tolerate your mousy pathetic face.” Whew.

No one pulls out tableaus like this without  #subtext. Tell us more!
No one pulls out tableaus like this without #subtext. Tell us more!

G: That’s part of why I’m hoping D/s.

R: Alas, my friend, I suspect your soul is too pure for this world.

G: I don’t doubt it. Even though the woman playing Lila was subpar, I did find myself liking the Rebecca-Lila friendship flashbacks.

Gal pals, ante-murdering.
Gal pals, ante-murdering.

R: They were good. I totally believe their friendship, drug-laced as it is. It even makes me wonder if Griffin’s story about Rebecca was true, and an example of her seeking vengeance for her friend being controlled and shamed by this dude about sex. To shame him.

G: That’s definitely a possibility. We can’t be more than a week away from the Sam murder proper, and yet I still find myself at a loss as to how everyone will be or feel implicated. That’s really the deepest puzzle of the whole thing for me. Like, am I going to buy that everyone’s invested, given how bloody terrible these people all are?

R: Well, we have Rebecca going back to the house per Nate’s plan to get Sam’s cell phone data. Then, Wes commandeering Connor and Laurel to go along because it will ruin the case they’re working on. Wes, of course, has other reasons. I don’t know what Michaela’s there for.

Michaela, you should totally have studied on your own. Also, #murderface!
Michaela, you should totally have studied on your own. Also, #murderface!

G: And Michaela just happens to be there with trophy? Which is the murder weapon, yes?

R: Maybe she calls Connor to gloat, and then gets drawn in? Basically, they are all still terrible people.

G: I mean, that’s the premise of the entire show, pretty much.

R: Speaking of which, how about Frank’s girlfriend? Could we care less? I was at least hoping it was Khan in his undershorts.

G: Allllll I want is to see a network show have an interesting or remotely original take on non-monogamy. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Zzzzzzzz. Couldn't anyone else interrupt them? Roommate, brother, mob boss, invalid mother, Frank's boyfriend, Frank's dominatrix, Connor, Michaela? Anyone?
Zzzzzzzz. Couldn’t anyone else interrupt them? Roommate, brother, mob boss, invalid mother, Frank’s boyfriend, Frank’s dominatrix, Connor, Michaela? Anyone?

R: I think The Good Wife thinks they’re doing that with Kalinda. BUT KINGS, YOU’RE NOT, AT LEAST NOT NOW.

G: OH GOD, NO THEY ARE NOT. But there was a point in history where they were. It was pretty neat. I miss it.

R: RIP When The Good Wife Was Interesting. Moving on.

G: Yes. I just feel like the punchline is always “Oh, the person I’m with has an SO!” as if everything in the universe automatically ends there, and it is boring.

R: It is. It is also precisely the kind of punchline we could predict from the beginning of the season with zero of character development that has happened in the subsequent episodes, which, to be fair, for Frank’s character *is* zero.

G: Yes. That’s true. There is no Frank without Laurel, and there’s barely any with.

R: Do we think we can extrapolate that dynamic to the rest of the show’s arcs?

G: There is no x without y?

R: That what we thought was true at the beginning is still true at the end. By that standard, Sam killed Lila. Rebecca killed Sam. But the mystery still stands of, Why do they all care?

Screenshot from 2014-11-14 09:56:04
Besides you two, why is everyone else there?

G: Nobody else cares about Rebecca besides Wes, and nobody cares that much about Wes. These are all terrible people, so nobody will go down for anyone else unless they have a dog in the fight.

R: Annalise does. Care about Wes, and have a dog in both fights.

G: That’s true. And she has been the missing link in all the flashbacks.

R: I do wonder where she is all the time up to when she calls Bonnie wondering where her fine red rug in the foyer and her husband are.

G: That’s really what we still don’t know, so hopefully the next episode will tie things together.

R: I hope it involves Nate.

G: Nate’s motivations are seeming really shallow to me at the moment, but I hope I’m wrong.

Nate, what is the angle?
Nate, what is the angle?

R: And what is he doing galivanting around with his wife having cancer at home? Where does he find the time and the resources, given that he’s unemployed? Wouldn’t getting a different job be better?

G: You’d think. Which makes one wonder if he’s expecting some kind of $$ pay-off out of this somehow?

R: Hmm. That would be cold.

G: Yes, because everyone else on this show is so warm and tender.

R: Or he’s trying to get his job back. Maybe he is dusting off his resume after all.

G: Possible. but we never had any sense of his loving his job before he lost it, and therefore I don’t really care.

R: Yeah. I realize we haven’t talked about the COTW with the cheating cheater murder-husband. I can’t imagine what that has to do with our over-arching plots…


Cheating cheater murder-husband. This is #murderface.
Cheating cheater murder-husband. This is #murderface.

R: Is it too pointed to be pointing at Sam? Or is it that genius that it’s diverting us away from the real killer: Bonnie Coldheart.

G: Who obviously murders in her sleep.

R: Oh please, that would be amazing. I imagine her wearing long flowing nightgowns. She’s already haunting Greyskull Manor, I mean, Annalise Keating’s house. In all the back and forth, wondering about Sam and Bonnie this episode, I had to call myself on this: What does it mean about our social context that a male character who sleeps with a student, sends her nude pictures, doesn’t use protection, gets her pregnant, lies boldfaced to his wife and others about all of this, is ever even possibly considered to be a reasonable human who might not be completely capable of murdery murderation?


G: It makes sense to me. They’re different ways of being terrible people.

R: But I do tend to agree with Bonnie (and Sam, for that matter) that Sam has some clear problems that make him a not trustworthy and possibly sociopathic person. Bonnie definitely has some too. And Connor, and Rebecca. I feel like I understand the other character’s choices a bit more–even Wes’ wild leap off the deep end– by comparison.

G: I actually trust Connor more than I trust anybody on this show, however weird that is, and thus I give my nod to my own internalized sexism.

Connor finds one case he can't win with sex.
Connor finds one case he can’t win with sex.

R: I get that. But neither of us had him as a boyfriend. I get why Oliver wouldn’t.

G: Me too, although we know from flashforwards that Oliver’s about to take him back in at least a little …

R: Letting someone cry outside your apartment is actually *not* taking them in, comforting hand on the shoulder aside.

G: You’re clearly remembering that scene better than I am.

R: I suppose I do feel protective of Oliver.

G: Well, Oliver has earned our protection.

R: I’m tempted to do a ranking of characters from least to mostly likely to be murderers.

G: Let’s! I’m still #TeamBonnie

Who are the most murdering murderfaces?
Who are the most murdering murderfaces?

R: Let’s each write our own, and then post simultaneous. Rank all main characters.

G: From most to least likely: Bonnie, Rebecca, Wes, Annalise, Michaela, Connor, Laurel, Frank, Asher

Likely not #murderface.
Likely not #murderface.

R: Mine: Bonnie, Sam, Rebecca, Wes, Michaela, Annalise, Connor, Laurel, Frank, Nate, Asher

G: Sam killed himself? Nice.

R: Oh, I mean overall murdering. He could have killed Lila.

G: I was not including Lila on my roster at this time. I forgot to put Nate on there! But we’re really close.

R: I was including a wholistic analysis of general likeliness to be murdery. Very scientific.

G: Extraordinarily.

We shall soon see. DNA results next week!!
We shall soon see. DNA results next week!!

One thought on “Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1 E8

  1. Tonight is the mid-season finale, which is ripe with promise. I’ve been reconsidering our whodunnit list, and as a writer and student of literature, I have some ammendments to make to my predictions.

    Mainly, Annalise and Wes are our central characters, and so this plot has to have consequences for both of them that extend beyond the season and form both who they are and the bond/binds between them. Because the name of this show is How to Get Away with Murder, it seems tempting to make it one of them (at least) who is not just helping others get away with murder, but is, in fact, getting away with murder themself. (I promise “themself” is a word; I found it in the genderqueer dictionary. Which we need.)

    So, I’m upping my odds on Annalise or Wes having blood on their hands, though there have been plenty of cases in this first season half where the perpetrators got someone else to do their work for them, or where someone was killing on behalf of someone else, or where someone was killed because of the role they played in a larger picture. So I wouldn’t be surprised if shades of those themes return in our mid-season finale.

    I’m not saying Bonnie didn’t do it, or that Sam didn’t do it, or that Rebecca didn’t do it. I’m just saying, our leads are guilty. It’s already clear to us some of the ways that Wes is guilty, so I’m looking much forward to seeing more about what Annalise was up to the night of the bonfire. #TGIT y’all.