Recap/Review: Sleepy Hollow, S2 E8

We have solved the mystery of the red mist!
We have solved the mystery of the red mist! Also, this is gross.

Rasha: I want to say about this episode: Vindicated!

Gemma: Now we know what that mysterious red mist was. I enjoyed the decreased emphasis on MacGuffins, but I’m really starting to miss Jenny. We haven’t seen her do anything interesting for quite a while.

R: Sigh, yes. And Irving. Or even Reyes. I could do with less Katrina and Hawley.

G: Well, as you know, I could always do with less Katrina. But yes, agreed. Katrina will fall in love with Abraham, which will benefit our heroes as Witnesses because it will lead to a break between Horsemen, but then Ichabod will be tragically torn. Now what?

I see conflicted lurve in the future.
I see conflicted lurve in the future.

R: Well, it seems like baby hellspawn is taking the perception spell form of baby Henry Hellspawn. Katrina is not ready for that. I knew she shouldn’t keep wearing that damn necklace! I was glad that Abbie and Katrina had it out a bit. And then went on adventures on their own. Which Abbie pwned.

G: Yeah. That was good.

R: So many favorite lines in this episode! Abbie: “It takes more than blood to make someone family.” I thought of you.

In-laws in chosen family.
In-laws in chosen family.

G: Awww! Abbie’s taken such a hard line on this that I wonder how they’ll get out of it without officially endorsing her POV or Ichabod’s.

R: You mean regarding whether to kill Henry, whether he’s redeemable?


G: Yes.

R: And then there were her lines about her mother abandoning them. Which, I think I remember Reyes and even Jenny suggesting was more like her mom was literally battling actual demons to try to keep them away from her daughters.

G: Yes, I think that’s been made quite clear, and I sincerely hope that it will come up and bring us more Jenny soon.

R: Abbie’s perhaps too ready to abandon blood-family.

Please, Abbie, don't forget about your sister.
Please, Abbie, don’t forget about your sister.

R: What are they going to try to tell us that Jenny’s been doing this whole time?

G: I don’t know. Are we still imagining love triangle, that she’s going to be pissed about Abbie and Hawley (which now looks inevitable, at least in the short term)?

He only has eyes for Abbie.
He only has eyes for Abbie.

R: She will be pissed. I’m hoping that she’ll be more pissed at Hawley that he’s taking Abbie away from her. Which she should be! I mean, Abbie is pissed at Katrina for taking away her Szechuan chicken take-out buddy…so pissed that she ordered Pizza for One from Tarrytown Pizza.

G: Well, I thought the succubus’s words to Ichabod were meant to have IchAbbie implications (sorry!) Also, this succubus–were they intentionally trying to remind us of Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body? Because I knew what sort of creature she was supposed to be the instant Henry manifested her, before we saw her in the club or anything.

R: I didn’t see that movie, but the actress did have a low-rent Megan Fox vibe. Which is really just a bargain-basement Angelina Jolie vibe.

Third-tier Angelina Jolie. Though she looks like an Avatar character in this shot.
Third-tier Angelina Jolie. Though she looks like an Avatar character in this shot.

G: True enough. Are succubi common? Like, is this something that’s appeared on other semi-supernatural shows, like the Wendigo?

R: Oh, totally! Dude, succubi are way more common. Usually a show like this would have one in the first season. Which shows, perhaps, restraint on their part.

Yeah. This took a lot of restraint.
Yeah. This took a lot of restraint.

G: Ah. Good to know.

R: You know what surprised me about the Hawley romance roll-out? That Ichabod was the first to notice, and that it actually increased his esteem for Hawley. I’m still not quite sure why Abbie has a change of heart about him, since she’s clearly known he’s been flirting with her.

G: Yeah. I’m not feeling quite clear on Abbie’s motivation either. It doesn’t surprise me that Ichabod was the first to notice, but the increase of esteem was interesting. If you like good people, you can’t be all bad.

Reluctant respect.
Reluctant respect.

R: I liked the way that it neutralized the dynamic as some big romance reveal, to the point where it’s kind of sweet and chummy of Abbie to help Hawley with his bandage. I liked Ichabod’s response to finding out. That’s actually how I’d feel if I found out someone was crushing on someone I really care about.

G: Sweet. I mean, nobody in this show is easily distracted from their wider purpose.

R: Another line I liked: “She is the love of my life, but she is also a highly skilled operative. I have had a tendency to forget that.”

It's hard to keep track of the many roles a woman plays in your life, Ichabod.
It’s hard to keep track of the many roles a woman plays in your life, Ichabod.

R: I was hoping Ichabod’s acknowledgement could help us move Katrina out of the victim category, but the ending does not give me great hope. She looks like she’ll be a victim of Henry’s manipulation.

G: We’re still not seeing a ton of operative skills on Katrina’s part. We started to see a couple during this case, but we’ll see how her ex-postpartum-Rosemary’s Baby sentiments work out.

R: Ferrealz.

Demon Spawn de Nouveau, coming our way.
Demon Spawn de Nouveau, coming our way.

R: Another thing we got in this episode, however fleeing: queer lady feelings!

G: Yes! That was delightful! If, you know, alarming succubus behavior!

R: What I really loved is how the Megan-crush is the one who came after her. Thwarted romance!

G: With every succubus attack a small tragedy. I would really like to see some reaction from the town at large, though I don’t think we will. I mean, the last year has brought QUITE an influx of murders.

R: Reyes seems to think she’s that response. I mean, the Hollow is so sleepy that I was surprised they could get away with a nightclub.

The Hollow can hold a lot of Dramz.
The Hollow can hold a lot of Dramz.

G: Rich kids.

R: Really? Where is this supposed to be?

G: Westchester County, NY.

R: It really ought to be more of a sad, late night time at a large country bar. With once a month Pride nights.

G: I TOTALLY want the Hollow to have once a month Pride nights!!!

R: I guess I am responding to the fact that this is actually shot in Wilmington NC, where the above description is likely to be closer to the late-night experience. Well, Wilmington might even be too big to compare to Sleepy Hollow. Is Sleepy Hollow a real town?

G: I’m pretty sure it is, or has been. It is a small town, but it’s on the border of a few larger, more classically suburban towns, in the vein of the social worker’s house from a few eps ago. They at least refer on the regular to Tarrytown, which is real.

R: All right, I’ve been holding this for the duration of our chat, but this episode requires me to air a grievance. Despite the many things I appreciated about this episode: Are the showrunners getting pressure from the network to turn a show with a majority cast of Black actors into a show with mostly White folks on the screen? I have been avoiding saying this since the 3rd episode.

WTH, showrunners! We miss this guy!
WTH, showrunners! We miss this guy!

G: Well, the lack of Irving and Jenny appearances would indicate that possibility.

And this lady!
And this lady!

R: Even Reyes! Could we even get some more Reyes? I did not know I would be saying this.

G: We are only a few eps into a 21-ep-long season (right?), so we shouldn’t be too hasty to judge, but it did occur to me too. I like Hawley, but I don’t like him taking the spotlight from existing awesome people who are POC.

R: Even all the guest characters. Could the queer loving ladies also be not white? That could be a thing. That is a thing, Television. Sigh.

G: I want Irving’s family back.

R: #FreeJenny, #FreeIrving, #MoreMacy. These are my hashtags until we get to see them on screen.

G: Boom.