Diablog: Sleepy Hollow, S2 E16

The team is back!
The team is back!

Rasha: Happy Birthday to You!

Gemma: Thank you thank you!!


G: Seriously! I have some hope again now.

R: I take back what I said about HTGAWM last week. Sleepy Hollow, I can’t quit you. This episode was EVERYTHING. Damian Kindler has to write all the episodes from now on.

G: Interesting conflicts, if poorly written, between Irving and Jenny! Jenny having independent secrets! Interesting photographer dude who I like way more than Hawley! An almost Katrina-free episode, and when Katrina appears she is clearly going in the direction of Evil!Katrina!

Black Roses! All of Evil!Katrina's magic will revolve around florals.
Black Roses! All of Evil!Katrina’s magic will revolve around florals.

R: More homoerotic founding father relationships with Ichabod. LOVE.

G: I’m still not going as far as love. I was burned burned burned in the last few weeks. But I’m more optimistic than I’ve been.

R: Commentary about conflict that relates to contemporary conversations! (And which also made me think about ‘merican Sniper!) Grace Dixon’s journal is pivotal!

G I am trying so hard not think about ‘merican Sniper, as a matter of general principle. But yeah.

R: The central conflict and tension is not about MacGuffins or even Reavers (which felt like a direct bite on and at Firefly’s Reaver-zombies), but about choosing between saving the lives of people who’ve stumbled on the terrible and edifying our heroes’ own sense of self-importance. I love that they don’t hesitate for a second!  Ichabod’s all like “whelp, there’s always the internet!”

Receive desperately desired mentorship or save lives? The choice is easy.
Receive desperately desired mentorship or save lives? The choice is easy.

G: Yes. That was quick and sharp.

R: I love love love love love the new guest star reporter Calvin Riggs. The moment he showed up behind the police line, I was like: love interest for Abbie! Our lady deserves a Pulitzer Prize winner, yes, yes!

G: Yes, they were telegraphing the heck outta that.

Hello love-interest!
Hello love-interest!

R: Also, they had good chemistry, and I love what his character concept does for the world of the show.

G: Yes, I do like the notion of taking it out of Sleepy Hollow while still being able to keep it contained.

R: He is both outside and inside, he has noticed the hella strange goings on in SH, and he’s from there, and he’s got this tension/cooperation dynamic with the Witnesses that they wanted Hawley to have but could never get to. LOVE.

Abbie, don't play. I know you're interested.
Abbie, don’t play. I know you’re interested.

G: :>D

R: Also, Sharif Atkins is handsome. HANDSOME.

G: He most certainly is. I gotta say, the dude playing his brother had a bit of an Alfred Enoch air to him.

R: We might continue to see them both, which I would appreciate. Thank you SH writers! …So, Irving and Jenny– that shed some light.

G: Yes! Awkward dialogue, but fascinating concepts. I’m interested in why Jenny is the only one who would understand.

Jenny Mills would help you break in even when she thinks you're possessed. #RealFriends
Jenny Mills would help you break in even when she thinks you’re possessed. #RealFriends

R: Well, Jenny’s certainly the only one who would help him break in.

G: Yeah, but that ain’t what he was referring to.

R: Abbie would be putting him in the Headless chamber right away. She operates on the precautionary principle.

G: True, true.

Jenny's going to be holding this subplot--at gunpoint, it seems.
Jenny’s going to be holding this subplot–at gunpoint, it seems.

R: I savored the twistiness of his reveal to her. The marks on his arm that first alert Jenny that All Is Not Well are actually marks that protect him from the evil soul-posession.

G: I wonder about what he has and hasn’t remembered in his scenes thus far, and I did appreciate them bringing up that Irving and Cynthia did not have a perfect marriage before he a) took the blame for murders his possessed teenage daughter committed, and b) died. It sort of seemed like the show was forgetting that for the last several episodes.

What do you do when the Devilspawn of 18th Century Hipsters offers you reparations?
What do you do when the Devilspawn of 18th Century Hipsters offers you reparations?

R: Also, when Irving said “Reparations,” that took me back to those twisty, subtle, slippery conversations between him and Henry that first sent me down the metaphor/struggle with Black Power narratives. They ain’t scared to go there. Sometimes. Sigh. Damian, keep these fools in line!

G: Indeed. And with Team Mommy Sonny Evil, we could be set up for some interesting racial/historical dynamics. We need a better name for that team.

R: Something about MRA activists who only love their mothers.

G: Garrrr, I really want some consistency on this show. I want to be able to trust that they’ll make this work, but I can’t quite yet.

R: They won’t, and then in islands of glittering clarity, they will. We’ll always be chasing the dragons of those good episodes.

G: Dragon Episodes.

R: DAMN, THIS WAS A DRAGON! We should name the Dragon Episodes like meteorologists name hurricanes.

G: Oooh, I could be down for that.

R: “Mama” was Smaug level Dragon Ep. This one not quite, but I need to read up more on dragons for names.

G: Yeah, do I know enough dragons for this? I remember all the ones from the Dealing with Dragons series. We could call one Kazul.

R: There’s always new chances to educate ourselves. This is what Sleepy Hollow has taught us.

G: This is true. Redemption, you may be coming. Now that Holographic Sentient Thomas Jefferson has been destroyed.

Steven Weber, you have been really seizing the day.
Steven Weber, you have been really seizing the day.

R: Dude, that guy from Wings is guest starring in everything now! He was the murdering husband on HTGAWM.

G: Oh goodness, we sees him everywheres!

R: I love how they were all precious about the MacGuffin power box, and then when it came time to blow the whole place, holoJefferson was all like “oh, just toss it any old place and the whole thing will blow.” Not exactly well fortified if they got down there so many times and all it takes to fell the place is one tiny charge.


G: Well, I assume if Jefferson built the place he knows its secret structural faults.

R: That he carefully built in? Anyway, I don’t care. So yes, no Katrina except Evil!Katrina!

G: That’s how it’s DONE!

R: I did kind of feel this Evil Mommy Alliance coming on from Henry’s talk in recent episodes about how all fathers are rubbish. It was like he was telegraphing: but EVIL WITCH MOTHERS are the BEST!

Flowers for Evil Witch Moms, the story of my journey of parental healing. By Henry Parrish.
Flowers for Evil Witch Moms,  my journey of parental healing. By Henry Parrish.

G: The Evil!Team will be Henry, Katrina, and an unwillingly possessed Irving? I am SO excited for that $hit! I sort of wonder if this decision to build Evil!Katrina is a result of crowd pressure. Given that there was nary a sign of it in the first half of the season and it was so awkwardly entered into last week.

R: If so, all the better. I will blog hard for this show if it means getting justice for these awesome characters in this fraught world. Bring it. And Jenny, who wants to help the better parts of Irving, and his family, but is caught between him and her sister who can’t see subtlety.

G: Yes, Jenny in her mercenary confusion, having been able to see nuance and experience betrayal

R: I admit, I was kind of satisfied when holoJefferson tells Abbie that “you can take this farther than we ever could.” Damn straight. Damn queer.

Abbie Mills, going where no founding father has gone before. That's right.
Abbie Mills, going where no founding father has gone before. That’s right.

G: Cheers. I’m pleased, but cautious. Ready to see what they do with it all next week.

R: Praise Kindred, Praise Kindler.

What will >explose< next week?
What will >explose< next week?