Diablog: How to Get Away With Murder, S2 E2

"Does the puppy thing really work?" "It always works."
“Does the puppy thing really work?”
“It always works.”

Rasha: Shall we get down to muuurder?

Gemma: We shall! Damn, this show knows how to pack an episode.

R: I was just feeling pity for people who did not watch the first season (who were those people?!) and then had the option to binge-watch it afterwards. That would have consumed my life if I was one of those people.

G: I think I would have just been dizzy for a week.

R: I am for the first time in the history of the world grateful that I cannot go straight to the next episode. The world is very consuming.

G: Which is something else Shonda Rhimes kinda owns these days, honestly: shows that you still need to watch episodically. I binged Scandal‘s first two seasons, I guess. But damn, it was dizzying. I’m just thinking that most people still make their shows believing they will someday be binged, even most network shows. Shondaland shows don’t seem to do that in quite the same way.

R: They definitely are made to be talked about and unpacked and speculated upon. There is much material there to feast upon.

G: Well, that’s not what’s unique. It’s just there’s a certain lack of acknowledgement of Binge Culture, that I honestly appreciate.

R: Speaking of which, what do you think of the dish of Annalise+Eve they are serving up to us?

There's also some extremely pointed lesbian hand symbolism going on.
Complete with extremely pointed lesbian hand symbolism.

G: I’m still skeptical, but it’s growing on me.

R: I thought their scene in the car and at her house felt very real.

Sometimes reality looks like this and is awesome.
Sometimes reality looks like this and is awesome.

Though I agree with the Fug Girls that I want to cut Famke’s hair. She’s like a professional lesbian mermaid.

G: Hey, it’s time the lesbian mermaid field got professionalized.

Eve for Lesbian Mermaid Union President.
Eve for Lesbian Mermaid Union President. Angie Harmon, you know who to call when you’re ready.

G: I did not quite buy them being so publicly on her doorstep RIGHT after all that sh*tstorm in court. It felt a bit idiot-plot.

Right outside there? Really?
Right outside there? Really?

But I agree about the moments between the two.

R: But seriously, I appreciated a character who could get at Annalise’s sore spots while still being kind to her. And without being used by her? Does anyone get away with not being used by Annalise? I did like the complexities of people standing up to Annalise. The scene with Bonnie was also nuanced. Both actresses brought a lot to that scene.

I am really enjoying the appearance of Liza Weil's A game.
Really enjoying the appearance of Liza Weil’s A game. She basically said; You like me when I’m a Sub.

G: Yes, agreed. Bonnie’s Story is definitely one of the major suspense-generators of the season. Beyond the obvious ones.

R: What did Bonnie do that she thinks Annalise saved her from??!

G: Well, everyone Annalise empathizes with seems to have some parallel to her own youth, so I suppose we shall soon see.

R: And what in the name of all that is holy does Frank think there is for anyone to “get to know” about him?

Not in the Biblical sense, because Frank is just so tired of being objectified.
Not in the Biblical sense, because Frank is Just. So. Tired. of being objectified.

I kept staring at his untrimmed mustache.

G: Oh, Frank, sit down. And we will see precisely how large your boner for yourself is.

R: I think if the character had been given anymore to work with I would have been more interested in him. Is his permanent stage direction “look smug”?

If so, props.
If so, props.

R: We got a bit more on the end plot! All the Dirty Little Lawyers are there, and at least Connor is trying to staunch Annalise’s bleeding, so we can guess that someone else shot her. Maybe?

G: I have to say, that was probably the most disturbing scene this show has ever offered up, for me, even though I know the backstory will be fascinating. The lawyerettes all kneeling there while she’s bleeding out, making no move to take action, Connor doing so only halfassedly. It’s astonishing how powerful a moment of inaction can be in something so action-packed.

These green lights do not actually make anything more upsetting … except maybe inaction.

R: Good point. Yeah, it seems there would have to be quite an arc to get to them leave her there, even setting aside filial piety. This woman knows all their secrets! And Wes is the first to want to go. Dude, who do you think shot the prosecutor in the Hapstall case? This gang is kind of like Scooby Doo in reverse.

You are so doomed, lady.
Curse you meddling kids and your irresistable puppy!

G: Well, my very unformed guess is that Annalise made one of the lawyerettes shoot her in order to make Bonnie’s shooting of the prosecutor seem like self-defense, but I have no idea how the bro & sis actually link into that.

R: Well, it seems like the prosecutor either fell or “fell.” Besides, guns don’t seem like Bonnie’s thing. Messy.

G They could be her thing by the end of the season. I could see Bonnie getting unhinged over the course.

R: Perhaps. I’m definitely wondering where the siblings are while all these deadly hijinks are taking place at their castle. Speaking of siblings, what do we think of them this week? Like Bonnie, I’m inclined to believe the brother. The sister still seems too cagey. And if Wes likes her, that just seems another vote against her, given his taste in women.

NOOOO, I don't CAAARE where she is!
NOOOO, I don’t CAAARE where she is!

G I think they’re lying for each other. Sister killed the parents, brother killed the aunt.

R: If they did it, I would say the opposite. Brother killed parents, sister killed the aunt to protect him. I think she was surprised he went running because she was worried it wouldn’t give him an alibi for what she did. Remember, he doesn’t know where she was while he was running.

Perhaps not innocent.
Perhaps not such an innocent sister?

G: Yeah, you’re probably right.

R: I will also remember at this point that nearly everyone Annalise has ever defended was guilty. This show is not called “You Were Wrongly Accused.”

What are you getting away with?
What are you getting away with?

G: Very true. And my theory of the flashforward crime is based on the notion that each season of the show will be about trying to help the main characters get away with the previous season’s murder.

R: Well, it seems like a split season model, really. As with last season, I think we’ll find out who killed the prosecutor (and possibly who shot Annalise) by the mid-season finale/cliffhanger. Then we’ll roll into the new year trying to cover up the muuurderr of the prosecutor.

The sad thing is, she's almost right.
The sad thing is, she’s almost right.

G: Yes, but that definitely plans to go on into S3.

R: For sure. Do you think Sam’s death will continue to linger? And Lila’s? No one knows that Frank offed her. And even though I think Sam is the person who called him, there’s still some ambiguity about who Sam called and who sent Frank. And we still don’t know why Frank was taking orders from Sam.

It must involve Sam and Bonnie's entanglement somehow …
It must involve Sam and Bonnie’s entanglement somehow …

Will we “get to know” that about Frank this season?

G: They certainly seem to be implying that we’re supposed to want to know things about Frank. I do not want to know anything except where he got that vest, but that’s me.

R: His suits are well-tailored, it’s true. The retroqueer in me does occasionally covet.

G: Eggzackle. My highest queer fashion aspiration is to rock a three-piece suit.

R: I believe your dreams will be achieved. But dude, that mustache. It was like two walruses were fighting on his face.


R: How awesome was the return of Oliver’s storyline in this ep and the group conversation about safe sex? It felt shoehorned, but I didn’t mind.

Oliver totally minded.
Also we get to ogle Oliver’s kitchen. That’s not a euphemism.

G: I am feeling very brotp about Connor and Michaela. That friendship is developing very nicely. All the more so in the flashforward.

R: Yes! I was thinking the same thing! Like it being a bonding thing that they have the same taste in men.

Besties! (Encouraging you to go after testes.)
Besties! (Encouraging you to go after testes.)

G: Okay, and this Levi fella is clearly Eggs 911.

R: But is her dealer, her boyfriend, her cousin? There is no way anyone in the Lawyerettes should have been intrigued by the rando guy that turns up and wants to “borrow” someone’s phone.

G: For serious.

R: These people pull enough stunts of their own that they should be hella cynical about other people. I do not believe that Michaela’s ladybits are that sad.

I don't not believe it.
I don’t not believe it.

G: Well, they’re all convinced no one could be as terrible as they are, failing even to notice that Annalise is.

R: I think Annalise isn’t as terrible as she seems. Really, in her position, what would you have done differently. She totally cheats on cases, and to get cases. She plays dirty means to achieve ends, but is she wrong for protecting Wes? Was she wrong to try to protect herself by using Nate as an alibi? She’s definitely terrible to Nate to let him dangle.

Nate is in complete agreement with the above assessment.
Nate is in complete agreement with the above assessment.

G: I think she’s right about herself in every direction, amazing and terrible, and it’s interesting to empathize with a character who is so thoroughly self-aware.

Annalise knows all, including stuff she doesn't want to know about herself.
Annalise knows all, including stuff she doesn’t want to know about herself.

R: And Nate returns as the lurking unemployed cop turned vigilante private eye! That is the only reason for Eve and Annalise to have that conversation on the porch.

G: Yes, exactly. Idiot Plot.

Let Nate be sneakier than that, FFS.
Let Nate be sneakier than that, FFS.

I will perhaps get angrier at this show’s Idiot Plot moments than at most as long as it stays this good, but that really annoyed me.

R: Why doesn’t he peace-out and get as far away from all this as possible? Is he still in love with AK? I think I felt in this episode how much of a pull Annalise has over people, and I think Famke Janssen’s character adds to that.

G: I know we say this all the time, but Viola Davis is literally the only person who could play this role. I would believe in no one else’s magnetism.

R: Viola Davis is all the wonders, all the acting. People who don’t understand why a bananas show like this got her the Emmy need to watch her work. It is precisely *because* she can make bananas into a masterclass.

Her unmitigated brilliance is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
Her unmitigated brilliance is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Anyway, I’m curious about Eve’s storyline with Nate and Annalise over the season. Or do we think she’s going away?

G: I think Famke Janssen’s gonna hang around with us for a while, meaning she was likely implicated in the flashfoward murders in one way or another. But she seems so damn stable except for her love for Annalise. it’s very confusing.

That could get pretty destabilizing, tho.
That could get pretty destabilizing, tho.

R: Yeah. I’m also wondering where Eve and Nate show up in the flash forwards. BTW, Marcia Gay Harden has not show up because she has a new show!

G: Yes, I saw that about MGH. I can’t help hoping her new show goes down first because I want her back in these stories and second because her new show doesn’t look very interesting, but I don’t want to wish against her success.

R: Ok, I’ve got something else to drop on you, all meta-speculation about who shot Annalise.

G: Yes, theorize, please!

R: Remember how AK’s narration last episode was about how the people closest to you are the most likely to muuurder you?

G: Yes. I was not intended to forget that.

R: The narrative that goes with the episode that reveals that Rebecca was killed by someone *farthest* away from her.

G: Ooooh.

R: Just got me thinking about who might be farthest away from Annalise and therefore possibly most likely to have shot her. I keep coming back to the siblings (who I keep thinking of as twins because they clearly have a strong bond and feel like two halves of one whole).


G: People have a hard time being far from Annalise, though. That’s part of the point.

R: Anyway, food for thought. About MUURDERRR!