Diablog: Jane the Virgin, S2 E2

This show can see itself extremely well.
Take a shower, Jane. For the team.

Gemma: I again bow to their self-awareness.

Rasha: With this week being a send-up of reality TV rather than telenovelas? Gina R. is scary good at that.

G: For serious. I wanted to get to a Maslany-level several Janes, just to see what would happen.

Mommy Jane!
Mommy Jane!
Bachelorette Jane!
Bachelorette Jane!

R: I also appreciated the endless parade of sparkly things. It seems like a satisfyingly glamorous contrast to the experience of early motherhood.

Sparkle sparkle!

G: Yes. And just when we’re all getting sick of love triangles as a storyline, they dig their heels in, but do it with a perfect ridiculous touch that they play to its logical extremes.

Seriously, how perfectly silly was all this?
Junior. Of course.

R: And she tells them that she loves them both, which is actually true. I liked her answers to Bachelorette Jane about the contextuality of trust and preference. And for their bravery to have Michael just tell her that she’s in love with the idea of Rafael more than the reality. Also love: Xo is #TeamMichael and Alba is #TeamRafael.

Just the idea of Alba hashtagging is actually pretty funny.
Just the idea of Alba hashtagging is actually pretty funny.

G: Yes, that was amazing. Oh, how well-made was Alba’s story this week?!?!?

R: Jesus, I cried again. This damn show. How damn good is that actress?

G: She’s so lovely.

Grandmotherly love and tough decisions.
Grandmotherly love and tough decisions.

R: She made me feel like *I* had hurt *my* grandmother.

G: You know the thing about this show? It feels like real life. BECAUSE of the way it encompasses these extremes—from the Bachelorette to the real emotional moments Alba caught. Sometimes our lives ARE that silly and ridiculous. And the ridiculousness usually abuts the moments of true fear or sublime love. That’s what feeling is like.

R: Real life is apparently also having Ke$ha for a neighbor in a house her dad rented for her because of the lax noise ordinance and a bandmate swearing about “entitled breeders.” Not many shows would I trust to strike the tone to balance those. I felt about as baffled as Jane with what to do with that layercake.

G: What a random guest spot and what a funny way to use it.

R: Seems like they’ll be back? Playing for 2 weeks at the Marbella?

G: Well, there’s gonna be some antics going down at the Marbella, no? Now that Petra’s officially preggers?

R: Well, yes. I was thinking that this could really challenge Rafael on his sense of duty toward “the mother(s) of his child” now that he has more than one. And really, that needs to be done. Him stepping up to be with Jane is also about him having an idea of family that he’s in love with. And a reality of family/marriage that he was running from.

He almost has a hold on this family thing … but such complications are coming!
He almost has a hold on this family thing … but such complications are coming!

G: It is really very potent to be in love with an idea.

R: You could preach a whole sermon on it. Alright, you know what I need? I need someone to handcuff Luisa and Lachlan/Ricky together so that their yin-yang energies of perfect incompetence and perfect conniving can combust into something much more balanced for them both.

G: Ooh, that sounds innovative.

R: Though I do love that Luisa calls him Ricky. He is totally a Ricky.

G: I’m still waiting for Luisa to become interesting again.

R: Yeah, they leaned harder in the other direction this week. To their slim credit, they are self-aware enough to make a gag of it. I did like the bit of detection with Luisa figuring out Petra was pregnant, and somehow figuring out the environmental report was forged.


That was a much more elegant way for Rafael to begin to suspect than they could have done. Maybe Luisa needs to become the in-house investigator for the Marbella? I keep trying to reincarnate Kalinda, don’t I?

G: If Kalinda is going to be reincarnated, it will not be as Luisa.

R: No, she will not.

G: But we could have Gynecological Detection Services.

R: !!! yes. now. Oh, we need to talk about Xo and Ro!


Actually, I don't think I have anything to say beyond SAILOR OUTFITS.
Actually, I don’t think I have anything to say beyond SAILOR OUTFITS.

R: They remind me of Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds from Singin’ in the Rain.

YouTube Preview Image

Not the same routine, but that kind of old-school slapstick glamour and heightened romance.

G: It’s such an unapologetically slapstick concept.

"I have exceptional peripheral vision."
“I have exceptional peripheral vision.”

R: Also they sang ISLANDS IN THE STREAM. The song that Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton sang. I totally knew they were going to be stuck on the boat as soon as he said he was getting off.

YouTube Preview Image

G: Well, that is what that extremely loud signal was supposed to signal.

R: They are adorable. I don’t have much else productive to say than that.

G: I do feel like the staff is trying to force an actual conflict out of this annulment-non-annulment question.

R: Really? To me, the drunken marriage is a way to cleverly aver on the will-they/won’t-they. Their conversation about baggage also seems like a way to bring the ex-wife Luciana back into the picture and stir up actual controversy. That more than the annulment seems to be the focus, but I am not Catholic, so these matters perhaps do not weigh as heavily for me.

G: Perhaps, yeah. And perhaps I will feel differently once Luciana reappears. But now it just reads to me as an artificial way to stir up the fact that they are adorable.

R: I’m not going to get mad about that. They are adorable.

A fine romance.
A fine romance.

G: I’m intrigued by how hard the show was riding the Rose pedal this week.

R: Yeah. I was somewhat surprised that the actress was going to be dispatched so quickly from the show. Btdubs, she did show up in the first episode of TGW, so maybe she wasn’t as available for the first ep of JTV. Yet, I would have sworn that it was Morena Baccarin last week.

G: You and Vulture both think so, so I’m inclined to believe you. Are we going to have a secret twin story?!? Or is the original Rose just going to disappear after a couple more eps?

R: That would not be unreasonable at all for this show. Either one. I do like the neat built-in feature this show has created to have their main villainess be played by different actresses (and actors?!!) over time. It’s a classic soapy move, but here they can be explicit about why she looks different.

Is this Rose? Who can say?
Is this Rose? Who can say?

G: It’s true. They haven’t played with it nearly enough yet.

R: I’m excited to see a cavalcade of Rotating Roses. I also love Baccarin’s chemistry, so I’m rooting for her to show up as Sin Rostro sometime this season.

G: Does someone have chemistry on their own?

R: Yes. She does.

G I always think of it as something you have with someone else, or a group of someones else.

R: Technically, it is. She is an exception. She’s like a universal catalyst for reactions. I find that I like other performers more when she’s in scenes with them. She increases the liveliness. But enough of my gushing.

G: Hopefully Mysterious Bald Spy Guy will lead us there.

R: Dude, why did mystery Bald Guy need to grab Luisa? That seems to point to Rose being his employer/the woman on the ski-top talking in Swiss.

G: Perhaps the best use of Luisa’s incompetence would be to have her inadvertently bungle the Sin Rostro ring.

R: That would be genius. Lovestruck Luisa, trying to please her OTP and throw in with a life of crime, but bless her heart she’s troubled by the ethics of it and keeps messing things up besides.

Where will Luisa go next?
Where will Luisa go next?

G: And let Rose’s own heart be her downfall. I still believe Rose really loved Luisa.

R: I think that’s true. I think seeing Luisa with Rose and the power she has over Rose changes the character. I mean, when we first met Luisa she was a powerful, professional doctor with a wife. She’s been on a (somewhat understandable) spiral, but she needs to pull it together. Also, I miss the Frida Kahlo braids.

G: Oh, yeah, those were awesome. So was her competence. Also: if Luisa rejoins Rose, how will Nadine be worked into the plot?

R: Hijinks. Trust issues. Who’s betraying whom. Good soap.

G: Mmmm, soaptastic.