Diablog: Jane the Virgin, S2 E3

Decisions, decisions.
Decisions, decisions.

Rasha: Where should we start? Is there a list to make or a top item? Btw, did you catch that The Toast is diablogging again? Crimson Peak, and it was good.

Gemma: I wouldn’t mind looking at favorite moments with each character. This was so much a character episode rather than a plot episode. Yeah, I saw that, but didn’t read it because I haven’t seen Crimson Peak.

R: Can we start with Rogelio?

G: Yes! “Let’s be honest, I would have chemistry with a cardboard box.”

Screenshot from 2015-10-27 11:49:32
Like a kitten who has lost its fur.

R: I think my favorite was Rogelio reading his diary that wasn’t a diary. “Like a sweet peach that you took one bite of and cast aside upon a compost pile of tears.”

G: Those emotional similes were amazeballs. It is always a beautiful day to be Rogelio.

R: I love Xiomara trying to not laugh or “aww” at his puppiness, but I think my favorite Xo moment was Xo as a teenager being dismissive with her mom.

G: Teenage Xo was extremely well cast.

It blows my mind that Xo was a teenager...when I was also a teenager. This dress is appropriate to that ancient time period.
It blows my mind that Xo was a teenager…when I was also a teenager. This dress is the height of fashion in that ancient time period.

R: Gawd, I cried again during the baptism speech. This show.

G: I thought you might’ve. I almost did.

R: Why does it know where I live? And why does it insist on coming for me EVERY TIME?

G: The tone is just impeccable. I noticed that the writer of the ep actually used to be on TGW writing staff, in the early seasons.

R: Hunh. That’s cool. That validates our feelings about this show as Serious Dramedy.

G: The one off note, per usual these days, was Luisa.

Have any wives back there?
Have any wives back there?

R: Dude. I did enjoy her speaking in German, although I can verify that she was using the present tense, which would have been “I sleep with your wife.” She should have said something like “Ich werde mit deines Frau schlafen.” Because of course that’s the only German Luisa knows.

G: I cannot claim any knowledge of the conditional in German.

R: But her conflict about being excited/pissed at Rose potentially kidnapping her was cute. But this means there *is* a new player in the world of the show!

G: So we are now to assume the German boss lady is Sin Rostro’s rival?


R: Yes. Maybe Morena Baccarin is Wilma Von Hockenstock.

G: No, Morena Baccarin was surgically altered Rose, I thought.

R: I know, me too! I like Clothilde, but I think we won’t see her again. I would love to see her and Magda get into an old world ladyfight.

G: Ooh, yes, old world ladyfight!


R: Ok, favorite Petra moment? “I used my own turkey baster!”

Everyone's faces here. This should be a painting.
Everyone’s faces here. This should be a painting.

G: They are riding this turkey baster. For me, it’s Petra appearing between Jane and Rafael on the porch swing, definitely.

R: Also great. That imaginary Thanksgiving was amazing! Magda: “it was just a little nibble.” And I love it that Rafael is rocking both children.

Of course, Yevgeny even looks devious as an imaginary baby.
Of course, Yevgeny even looks devious as an imaginary baby.

G: Actors have so much fun on this show, seriously.  I loved that the imaginary baby’s name is Yvgeny.

R: Ok, how amazing was it to see a young Alba?!

G: Oh, young Alba was WONDERFUL!

R: And a writer!  I loved how many people were writing in this episode.

When you open with Young Alba, it's only getting better from there.
When you open with Young Alba, it’s only getting better from there.

G: There’s a chapter in Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird about “Writing a Present.” I definitely thought of that while watching the baptism speech in this ep.

R: There’s also the diary that isn’t a diary that Michael gives to Jane. Which is like Rogelio’s not-diary. And of course they are lavender.

G: Oh, that’s true. So much! Okay, fave Michael moment?

R: When Rogelio appears in his head telling him to be macho? It calls back to season 1 when Santos would appear to Jane like a fairy god-presidente.

G: Yes, mine was the same! Rogelio as the angel/devil on his shoulder and also, how royally Michael would fail at being macho.

Let me think about who I should definitely not listen to. Right!
Let me think about who I should definitely not listen to. Right!

R: You know, it made me more aware how of much this show has Michael talk about his feelings and how great a communicator he is on the whole. Also, I find myself curious about Michael’s parents, who we never met because Jane got pregnant when they were supposed to go out to dinner with them. His last name is Cordero, which makes him ethnically ambiguous.

G: I’d be intrigued to meet Michael’s family, yeah.

R: I also wish they’d bring Rafael and Luisa’s mother back. Surely they will, right?

G: Why do Rafael and Luisa have different surnames if both of their parents are the same? Did Luisa take her wife’s?

R: I don’t know. I thought they had the same mom, but maybe I’m remembering wrong. What is Luisa’s last name? Alvarez?

G: Alver. I think you’re right about the mom. It’s just odd.

R: Could be she took her mom’s name, from the Alver[ez] y Solano.

G: Yeah, that’s possible too.

R: Seems like if it was her wife’s name, she’d be rid of it. Anyway.

G: Luisa? She never gets rid of anything.

Pretzels, anyone?
Pretzels, anyone?

R: I guess that has been a problem for her. Speaking of getting rid of–where was Scott this week? Not that I so much care, but he made such a big stink and then his blackmail was neutralized so quickly.

G: An excellent question. And why was Petra taking that picture?

R: Custody battle.

G: I thought that, but why go through the whole rigmarole of that storyline if she’s going for a custody battle?

R: Money?

G: But she would’ve asked for his money for any of the other options, too.

R: Who knows with Petra. Schemez. Oh, my favorite moment with Matelio–

G: Yes yes?

R: He’s all grown up and wants to go to Vladovostock to visit Yvgeny!!

I couldn't get a screencap of the hat, but it is excellent.

G: Oh, man, that flash of older-writer Jane and grown-up Mateo was so silly and fun! Because of the hat!!

R: Yes, that hat! He is so Rogelio’s grandson. Dude, Petra’s baby is seriously going to be a girl, right?

G: I think so. I don’t know the feminine equivalent of “Yvgeny”…

R: Oksana? Gotta say: I love Lina at the baptism, her swift definition of what a diary is: “cool, can I read it? No, then it’s a diary.” And also that she totally did wear the Madonna dress from the Like a Prayer video, giant cross and all.

G: I am a great fan of Lina’s. I also like that actress on OITNB.

R: Anything else we need to address?


6.26.01, The day the world ended.
6.26.01, The day the world ended.

R: Is he crying? Is it a sextape? It must be something super embarrassing, like him falling off a para-ski into the ocean or begging for a part before he was famous.

G: Something actual high-stakes, or Rogelio’s-vanity high-stakes?

R: Vanity high stakes, maybe? But I’ll bet it affects both his career and his relationship with Xiomara/Jane.

G: I hope so. Gawd, it is amazing that we’re watching two shows that I currently trust to pull off all manner of plot hijinks.

R: I’m actually glad to be back to the telenovela dramz in this show, though I would also be down for them lampooning another melodramatic style. What if Rogelio gets a reality show at some point??!! Season 3, I’m calling it.

G: Xo and Ro Reality Show. I’m so in.

till next week!
till next week!