Diablog: How To Get Away with Murder, S2 E6

Imma need you to pour me one after this episode, AK.
Imma need you to pour me one after this episode, AK.

Gemma: Okay, DAFUQ?

Rasha: I admit that when li’l mystery baby surprise Hapstall showed up, I was like: Caleb, are you your aunt’s child?!

G: Instead, the secret baby is a hacker at Oliver’s level (that or Oliver’s actually a really bad hacker and we just never knew) who better not be a plot-device sociopath.

Of course this dude takes these pictures of himself. #pleasenomorecliches
Of course this dude takes these pictures of himself. #pleasenomorecliches

R: That dude…probably did not do the murder? Maybe did the murder? And now he’s reverse-hacked Oliver. Yeah, I’m hoping not a sociopath. That would be too sociopath ex machina at this point. I realized that I really need it to be at least one of the siblings who killed their parents.

G: Number of TV sociopaths who are not sociopaths ex machina: zero.

R: Except maybe the siblings didn’t murder and they are a foil for our Scooby Gang?

G: I am still not clear on what happened with Catherine. We wanted her to think she’d been abducted, or wanted someone else to think she’d been murdered, or I DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND THINGS. Also, can we count the number of humans who did not lie in this episode?

R: No. I just knew it was out of character for Frank to be so concerned about Annalise. He doesn’t freak out like that, even if he is concerned.

G: Although we did get some Meet Frank.

R: His dad was totally consiglieri to some don.

G: Totes.

R: Because even though people lie on this show, they also tell the truth in a way that seems like a lie. I think this show is elaborating where House left off. Michaela was totally adopted! And has passionate feelings! She has not gone looking for her birthparents…yet.

G: I’m still holding out for Caleb and Michaela sharing one.

Share one of *what* is the question!
Share one of *what* is the question!

R: Caleb being Helena Hapstall’s baby was as far as I was willing to go. And I guess that’s not happening. Dude, Nate grieving for his wife though! And the actress from Transparent!

G: I had her as a guest teacher in college!

Girl, slay. No, for real, slayed somebody.
Girl, slay. No, for real, slayed somebody.

R: She was AMAZING!

G: She’s the best! I tweeted about her.

R: I love Viola Davis because you can tell that she cherishes these storylines. This is what she signed up for.

G: And that was the most skillfully layered trans storyline I have seen on the network teevees in possibly ever.

R: I was loving Annalise and Jill’s friendship conversations.

G: YESSSS Annalise has FRIEND.

They should brunch together and bond over murdering-not-murdering husbands.
They should brunch together and bond over murdering-not-murdering abusive husbands.

R: Ooo, and that burn when Nate tells her that no one will love her the way he loved his wife–so ouch!

G: Yeah, Nate was right to the heart. This ep gave the impression they’re only gonna have Alexandra Billings on once, which is a shame. I’d be delighted to see her actually show up as a friend for Annalise.

R: She could come back. I would not put it beyond this show.

G: Pete Nowalk, hear us now. #MoreJill

R: You know what, on most other shows, that kind of neat parallel between our main character and the COTW would seem forced. It does not here. That mess with Nate has been brewing for a while, and though he’s totally justified in his anger and even in wanting to hurt Annalise, but it’s hard not to see the parallels with him and Sam in that moment. I also wanted to scream “Eve LOVES YOU!”

G: Well, ain’t nobody quite parallel to anybody. Their lives are just one crazy plaid.


G: I like the notion you came up with of her becoming Asher’s attorney and sh*t happening then. I’m holding out for that.

R: Yeah, I feel like she has to come back before the end of the season, though probably not before the mid-season hiatus.

G: Right, eggzackle.

R: We should go back to Catherine, whom we finally saw in the future this week. She, like Bonnie, had blood on her outfit/pajamas. If she was in the back of Frank’s car, that leads me to believe she was drugged. OMG, does Annalise still have those pills for Nate’s wife? They will show up again.

I was expecting a lot of things, but stuffed in the back of Frank's car was not one of them.
I was expecting a lot of things, but stuffed in the back of Frank’s car was not one of them.

G: Oh lord, possibly.

R: Gun in the first act.

G: I was just going to say that.

R: So did Catherine shoot someone?

G: She could’ve. But not the prosecutor.

R: No, it was one of our main cast who killed her. I’m going with Asher.

G: I’m going with Bonnie, but Asher will confess to it, like you said last week…

Is it #TeamBonnie again?
Is it #TeamBonnie again?

R: Who shot Annalise?! Or stabbed, I guess. That could be too.

G: …but Annalise’s shooting was planned, and planned well, in a way that involves the Scooby Gang and Nate.

R: Right! This week’s knife to the gut with Nate made me forget that he shows up later. Damn. People do not escape the orbit of Annalise Keating.

G: No. And that’s why I stand by my statement, we do not get out of this without the Scooby Gang’s histories being tied up with those of the Hapstalls SOMEHOW.

R: Yeah, they are the Sam/Lila/Rebeccas of this season. Levi also totally comes back, right? He’s going to spoil something, I can just tell.

G: He probably already has, we just don’t know it yet.

R: Dude, how surprised where you that Catherine was still alive?!!?!?!




G: The game is soooooo afoot!

R: That was seriously the most dafuq moment in the whole show for me. That and the extras from The Sopranos that Frank hired to play his family. Dude ambushed Laurel with his parents! Who does that? Assassins clearly. Assassins who were onced possessed by evil hell-goddesses.

G: He blinded her with family!

Was she charmed by this?...Cause it's weird, right? It's a little weird.
Was she charmed by this?…Cause it’s weird, right? It’s a little weird.

R: Is there anything we haven’t talked about?

G: I’m sure there is. There were soooooo many of things.

R: Tiffany! Bonnie doesn’t have to read Sinclair’s file to find out the details of the case.

G: This is very true. And that makes more sense for Asher’s character now than a Ted Kennedy, if it’s true, although we do know Bonnie at least had the pretense of continuing to watch out for him in the flashforwards.

R: Gang rape is not what I was expecting. I will give it to this show that they ground the repercussions of sexual violence in the consequences those events and the threat of those events have for our main characters. In Annalise and Bonnie, we don’t get to take the TWAT-TV perspective that violence only happens to victims. It happens to people we know. And they go on living their lives and making choices.

Bonnie's got some investigating to do.  And will hold it over Asher's head maybe?
Bonnie’s got some investigating to do. And will hold it over Asher’s head maybe?

G: This is very true.

R: I can’t think of more now.

G: There is so very much. and we’re only two weeks away from the flashforwards, in show time–probably more in air time, of course, cuz in the next two weeks, people are going to have to get VERY intertwined.

R: Who shot/stabbed Annalise?! Catherine or Bonnie?

G: Catherine. And I’m going to go with Annalise engineered this herself, involving the Scooby Gang.

R: Bwaugh!!