Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S2 E7

"It's him."
“It’s him.”

Rasha: Ok, you were right about a prior connection between Annalise and Wes.

Gemma: Yes! I am taking a bow.

R: I’m still not ready to believe he’s her son! But it does make more sense.

Who is this man to Annalise?!?
Who is this man to Annalise?!?

G: It would be extremely complicated, given the facts of his life, if he were her son.

R: Right? But so who is he to her?! Maybe his mom committed suicide because he wasn’t really her son, even if he’s not Annalise’s either? Or Annalise helped his mom with something and then she cracked under the pressure?

G: I mean, he was born in Haiti, and his mother killed herself when he was a teenager after bringing him to the US; the logistics that would make him Annalise’s son by birth are incredibly difficult to fathom, But he’s somebody Annalise has been aware of/looking for since she was a college student herself.

R: Damn, you’re right. That’s the only way Eve would know. This role is really making me love Famke Janssen even more. Maybe he’s the son of someone AK knew, or a young child involved in some case, because that is clearly a pattern for Annalise.

G: Ohhhhh. That might make sense. I mean, adoption, the questions of how we choose family and when it works and when it doesn’t, seems to be one of the major Themes of this season.

R: You are right. Is it just me, or do Famke and Viola have AMAZING chemistry?

No, it is not just you.
No, it is not just you.

Like, it’s just a fresh breath of cool air.

G: I was digging all the cute smiles this episode. So many of them!

So …
So …

R: I also want them to run off to Paris together. I think the showrunners know that all of us want that. And they are teasing us.

G: It is difficult not to want that— there is so damn much cuteness. But all cute things are destroyed on shows like this. Sigh.

R: You know who else we haven’t seen in the futureforwards? Professional lesbian mermaids. Maybe she’s in New York, but still.

G: If we only have two more days in their reality with Eve I am going to be SO SAD.

R: She’s not going to die. I don’t see that.

G: How about that time jump this week, incidentally? We are closing in.

R: Oh, goddess, so many reveals!! Can we just recapitulate the newly known facts so we can continue reconstructing what we do and do not know? 1. Levi’s gun was definitely the gun on the scene. therefore probably/maybe the gun that shot Annalise, but maybe/maybe not fired by Wes.

Wes, will you be firing a gun in the third act?
Wes, will you be firing a gun in the third act?

G: 2. Ms. Sinclair indeed fell or was pushed, likely by Bonnie but possibly by Asher.

R: Yeah, I’m thinking you’re also right about Bonnie pushing her.

It doesn't really get more ominous than this.
It doesn’t really get more ominous than this.

“To protect Annalise”? Because that is what Bonnie is programmed to do.

G: I don’t know. A lot of her desires to protect Annalise were devastated in this episode.

R: But then there’s the blood on B’s shirt that looks like it could be AK’s?

G: Well, your theory last week was that she was bent over AK, and we now have Catherine probably being set up for it.

R: Hunh. I had not thought of that. For AK’s shooting?

G: I thought that was why she was kept alive. I might have gotten that idea from Phoebe’s recap, but I’ve def internalized it over the last week. Okay. 3. The entire Scooby Gang was somehow called to be at Castle Hapstall.

4. The entire Scooby Gang, per our prior knowledge, was not entirely surprised by Annalise’s shooting.

5. Team Laurel and Wes has differing goals and perspectives from Team Connor and Michaela.

Ummm, yeah, go team?
Ummm, yeah, go team?

R: Slow your roll, Samson. On the Catherine Frame Up: they’d still be working for their clients, even if everything went south. I don’t think they’d frame Catherine, unless they also had a plan to get her off. They might frame like they framed Nate.

This man has definitely been through enough.
This man has definitely been through enough.

Lourdes, that man needs to get free. If he leaves, there will never be anyone else to blame for anything.

G: And yet, here he is a few days in the future, driving the team perhaps to safety, but perhaps not …?

R: I can’t even speculate. I can only cite Eve’s comment to him that he doesn’t really hate Annalise.

Eve had already concluded that she did not hate Annalise.
Eve already concluded that she hates/does not hate Annalise.

G: I can see no purpose in leaving Catherine in the middle of the woods with AK’s blood on her if it’s not a setup somehow, but I suppose I should be open to the possibility that it ain’t AK’s blood.

R: It could also be to point away from the real shooter because they’re protecting them. Caleb? That might be my updated guess.

G: Or Sociopath Ex Machina, of course.

Entirely nonthreatening.
Entirely nonthreatening.

I am still keeping my fingers crossed that next week we’ll be surprised by the fact that he’s not a sociopath at all. Oliver has also not appeared in the flashforwards.

R: Oh, good grief, I seriously was saying things loudly to the screen because I knew Oliver was in danger!

Danger, Oliver, danger!
Danger, Oliver, danger!

This guy is definitely not above-board if what he did first was reverse hack and then set up a fake date to lure Connor away. Oliver better not be hurt. I’d bet that the mystery baby cousin didn’t have anything to do with the murders but may become a problem now that he know he could inherit money.

G: I hope not. I hope that this is one of those things where the plot twist is more interesting. They were pushing the “serial killer” line HARD this week, and this show makes me think that might not be true.

R: Yeah. I also doubt he’s gay, closeted or otherwise. Ok, to your observations about the Scoobies: they’re definitely at House Hapstall on a mission. Maybe they got there after AK, Bonnie, and Asher? Then Michaela and Connor want to leave, but are drawn back by Sinclair falling.

Ms. Sinclair, you only have a couple of days to live …
Ms. Sinclair, you only have a couple of days upright …

G: It is rare for our full team to be anywhere at the same time other than AK’s office or a courtroom. Or the classroom, I guess.

The whole Scooby Gang is at this lecture.
The whole Scooby Gang is at this lecture.

R: Or a murder scene!

G: Fine. I don’t actually have a point.

R: Team work makes the murder scene work.

Murrrrrrder is coming again …
Murrrrrrder is coming again …

G: Fair enough.

R: But you’re right that they do split our Scoobies up. I actually think the Wes/Laurel frenemy/sponsor vibe has some possibility, but it needs more work.

G: I would be intrigued.

R: It was fun to see Laurel pretending to be Latina, given that she actually is. It was fun identity play.

Laurel got a kick out of this adventure.
Laurel got a kick out of this adventure.

G: Yes. She was like, I know these stereotypes and I’mna take them for my own. Most of Karla Souza’s previous work has in fact been in Spanish—she’s from Mexico and it looks like she worked a lot there.

R: Cool! Going back to the Hapstall balcony: I think what we saw this week is *before* AK gets shot. Does Wes really shoot her?

It's hard to believe that Wes or anyone else will take Annalise down.
It’s hard to believe that Wes or anyone else will take Annalise down.

Some of their tension is definitely building toward that. And then, the “she” that Caleb is asking about is probably Catherine, and they’re going to lie to him because they’re framing her. And he doesn’t know AK’s been shot. Or that Sinclair is dead.

G: Yes, that was what I thought too. Sinclair dies first.

R: Yeah, I think Caleb doesn’t know about either of them. So, what does Sinclair do to make Bonnie push her?

G: Something about her love for Asher, obviously.

R: Imma go with trauma. Sinclair tries to play Bonnie, but severely miscalculates.

G: Something tied into the “I want you to die because Sam would never have taken my happiness from me” framework.

R: Dude, I didn’t even know what do with that scene.

Bonnie really went after Annalise.
Bonnie really went after Annalise.

G: I have to say, Liza Weil is surprising me in the best way. Nowhere in her previous work could I have seen that she had this in her.

R: The framing of the Bonnie/AK confrontation made it look like they were going to kiss. And yet, it was clearly not the direction that the intense love and connection and betrayal was going.

They were moving towards a new kind of heartbreak.
They were moving towards a new kind of heartbreak.

G: They’re deliberately playing on these questions of different kinds of love, and how they press up against each other.

R: Yes! Yes they are! And it is brilliance.

G It really is. It’s very quiet, relative to the rest of what the show does, but it’s very, very sharp.

R: Dude, what was not quiet: this week’s Scandal was basically Shondaland’s episode about Cosby. Anyway! What haven’t we covered? Asher allowed a gang rape to happen, and the nuanced confrontation between him and Bonnie was great. It goes in the textbook on The Fall about consent and culpability.

There were a lot of painful scenes in this ep.
There were a lot of painful scenes in this ep.

G: That was a well-written scene, and yes, you’re right. They did back away from the real danger based on last week’s cliffhanger, but I can understand why they did it.

R: I think they make a better point by having Asher’s cluelessness be just as culpable, and a luxury he can afford as a white dude.

Asher's white-dude past has come to haunt his white-dude present.
Asher’s white-dude past has come to haunt his white-dude present. Like WHAT IS THIS EVEN?!

G: That makes sense, but it was definitely an active lowering of the stakes in the writing. Again, I think they were right to do it as a whole; it’s the cliffhanger that was the problem there, really. There’s also Connor and Oliver. Connor’s reaction to O being brought Into The Fold.

Michaela is totes okay with that.
Michaela is totes okay with that.

R: Yes, Connor is being protective of Oliver, or what? Also, it’s cute that Frank prefers Oliver to Connor. I don’t mind funny Frank.

That stache is there for comic relief, obviously.
That stache is there for comic relief, obviously.

G: Yes, funny Frank is quality. And I’m not sure what Connor’s response is about, except that he now cares whether Oliver thinks less of him.

R: I see him fearing to lose his safe harbor away from how trapped he feels in the Keating house.

Does he fear for Oliver's safety? Oliver's ethical compass?
Does he fear for Oliver’s safety? Oliver’s ethical compass?

G: But I’m really, really curious and unsure about how we get from this to the flashforward we saw in the second ep of this season, where Connor was the only one visibly moved by compassion about Annalise’s suffering/possibly dying AT ALL.

R: I KNOW. That was intriguing, to say the least.

G: I do want to mention the parallel to Asher—that just occurred to me. Witnessing, doing nothing, being part of something horrible moving forward or coming into being. I don’t know how that’s going to develop, but I think it’s real.

R: Yup. You are right. Again. Damn!

G: Well, we are moving inexorably towards our doom.

R: Alex, I’ll take What our Scooby Gang did? for 500. Till next week?

G: Yes, till next week.

We didn't talk about this guy. He kind of paled in comparison to the ongoing story.
We didn’t talk about this guy. He kind of paled in comparison to the ongoing story.

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  1. I think they may try to say that Catherine killed her parents in her sleep. They said she takes sleeping pills everynight. After she wakes up in the woods she will clearly have no recollection of what happened the previous night. They may frame everything on her sleeping pills. They did have a trail earlier with a similar premise.