Diablog: Jane the Virgin, S2 E11

Oh my goodness, @JaneWriters love us, they really love us!
Oh my goodness, @JaneWriters love us, they really love us!

Rasha: I liked this episode! How crazy is that?!

Gemma: So did I! I mean, @JaneWriters seriously listen to everything we say now!

R: I feel drunk on power. Let’s name what we liked, a roll call!

G: I like the conflict between Xo and Ro in re: marriage being NOT AT ALL WHAT WE EXPECTED!

R: YES = SAME. It takes us back to the heart of the show. I felt the desire to cry during their proposal scene, but I still need more time.

How I wanted to be.
How I wanted to be.

G: That’s entirely fair. You’ve been burned.

R: It was a totally real and totally unexpected conflict that was handled in the way that real-life conflicts happen, which is often ambiguous even when both parties have good intentions.

G: Right?!? And I liked that there wasn’t some stupid song and dance about hiding the ring, etc., and that Mateo just shat the diamond and that was that.

Diaper dramedy.
Diaper diamond dramedy.

R: I was so glad that we didn’t have some comedy of errors about the ring. Or that we did, but that it was a fresh one.

G: Yes, exactly!

R: And you know what: I did not even mind the Prof. Chavez storyline.

G: I still do not like Advisor Romance, but I did like Advisor Having Boundaries in Romance.

Yes, yes, it looks like the judges will accept!
Yes, yes, it looks like the judges will accept!

R: It made me appropriately uncomfortable in a way that aligned my sympathies with Jane.

G: That’s true, that was well-crafted.

R: And thank goodness she gets to acknowledge the stupidity as a professional writer woman of getting involved with a male writer dude in a position of authority. I was vindicated that she kicked herself for jeopardizing what she cares about, and for making the decision to get him out of a position of authority in her life so that she could write freely. That is all very legit.

G: And complicated! In a smart way! ESPECIALLY given that they brought in actual confusion about her virginity and that ridiculous flower! God, there is such an honesty to this show at its best.

What do these promises mean, the ones we make before we know the shape of our lives?
What do these promises mean, the ones we make before we know the shape of our lives?

R: I would totally be down with the running will-she-won’t-she being about Jane’s complicated relationship with her own sexuality and romance rather than the specifics of whether she will date a particular guy.

G: Especially as Rodriguez plays it. I get to see a woman with a true internal journey that is thoughtful and personal.

R: I was going to say earlier: If only women always had the opportunity to fire male authority figures when there is a conflict of interest on one or more of their parts.

G: If only, indeed. Hooray for agency when you got it.

R: I enjoyed her frank conversations about sexuality with Xiomara. It was satisfying to watch more of their relationship. This ep seemed more tautly strung in terms of the pulls and tugs of relationships.

So good.
So good.

G: I agree! Which I suppose brings us to the woman whose relationships have driven us the crazies…

R: Even Luisa got nuance and ambiguity and eyeliner!

G: The Big Three!

Looking good, sister.
Looking good, sister.

R: I like Eyeliner Luisa. She is my patronus and my powdered donut. We got hurt-feelings Susanna, too!

G: Yes! Played quietly and without cartoons!

Oh, hurt-feelings Susanna, we feel you.
Oh, hurt-feelings Susanna, we feel you.

R: It is important that Luisa has agency and power in at least one relationship.

G: This is so true. And in this episode, I understood her as a woman who was confused by having feelings she did not want to have, instead of a buffoon. Which is really what this show does when it does right. Give us this stunning alchemical interaction of ludicrous scenarios and supremely human emotions.

R: Absolutely. This episode and last felt like turning points in how the show is handling Luisa. They definitely had some sort of team summit about her character. Like a Luisa Charette.

They know what our nights have been like, apparently.
They know what our nights have been like, apparently.

G: I really feel directly heard. I’m going to keep believing it was us until somebody says otherwise. The timing works out with our objections and tweets.

R: We can ask them over Twitter to deny it. It can be a “Blink twice if the answer is no. If you don’t blink, we’ll assume the answer is YASS.” Ok, also: the storyline with Rafael and Petra was great!

G: Yes! I’m really intrigued by what they’re doing with Rafael and Petra! And I never have even the slightest interest in Petra!

I love a good set piece. Can we keep it #forever?
I love a good set piece. Can we keep it #forever?

R: The sculpture was ludicrous and badly made, and somehow it made a whimsical and delightful stationery.

G: Also, it was fascinating how that completely weird and bitter artist was played without a wink.

R: Well, given how over the top Petra and her Mom have been, it would take a lot for someone to be too wacky in hating them. I will give this to Yael Grobglas: I have totally believed from the first few episodes of the show, that Petra is scheming and selfish and also has a genuine vulnerability for Rafael the size of a municipal ward.

Fated romance. Also ill-fated.
Fated romance. Also ill-fated.

G: That is a fair thing to give to her, yeah.

R: I was glad to see Petra respond to their kiss the way she did.

G: Well, there were a lot of people checking themselves romantically in this ep.

R: Again, here we have examples of the complication and contradictions in romantic negotiations without people being sh*tty to each other for the sake of dramz.

G: I’m really thinking about this show’s brilliance in concept, when it’s done well like this. The setups are DramzGalore, but within those DramzGalores, everyone’s reaction is so perfectly detailed and human and humane.

R: The show says of humans: We mean things and we want things, and yet we hurt others and are hurt and sometimes don’t know what we can work with.

G: Okay, I know what I’m asking @JaneWriters for for my birthday: A return of the Scientologist Rogelio storyline, and for it to be linked somehow to the Lesbian Crime Matriarchy.

Is she doing it all to fund her SeaOrg trips?
Is she doing it all to fund her SeaOrg trips?

R: I could roll with that. Especially if it’s for your birthday!

G: By the way, somehow none of the members of the Lesbian Crime Matriarchy are Morena Baccarin yet.

R: I know!!!

G: #MoreMorena?

R: It’s because she got a gig on Gotham and then in Deadpool. I don’t think we’ll be seing her.

G: Okay, well, I will accept Edward James Olmostepgrandfather as a consolation prize.

R: But that dark wig on Rose made me ready for Morena. I was already clapping and bouncing in my seat. But alas.

You are lovely and also not Morena Baccarin.
You are lovely and also not Morena Baccarin.

G: Yeah, I was kind of imagining you doing exactly that.

R: I don’t mind crying myself through the pain on shoulder of episodes featuring Carlos Bill Jaime Escalante-Adama. One more thing I’m wondering: is it me, or did Michael’s new girlfriend from a couple of episodes ago seriously look like she was in high school? Am I getting that old? Will that storyline come back around, or was it just to wrap up the loose romantic end of Michael?

G: We seem to be doing a lot of circling back around lately, so I would not be at all surprised if she reappeared. And yes, too young. But I could see that being how Michael handled rebound, sadly.

R: Next episode is prime for Alba’s dating life. I am ready.


R: Can Prof. Chavez handle the baby, you think?

G: I believe that whatever goes wrong with Prof. Chavez will be more complicated than his inability to handle the baby.

R: And are they going to deal with the fact that he’s been getting to know her basically through reading her sexy sexy romance literature? I could totally go for him trying something from one of her stories and it #failing.

Screenshot from 2016-02-09 21:08:44G: Oooh, I would be game for that.

R: @JaneWriters, we offer you another ripe idea for the taking ;) You and I seriously need to start that Gordon Ramsey style reality series where we fix TV shows. What would we call it? How about: Fix The Show.

G: I’m in.

JTV, I want to feel this way about you again.
JTV, I want to feel this way about you again.