Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S2 E14

I didn't get a leg shot, but this barely skirted her thighs…
Didn’t get a leg shot, but this barely skirted her thighs…

Gemma: I think we have now seen that Eve’s short skirts are a generalized costuming choice, and one I’m not necessarily wild about.

Rasha: Yeah, they need to bring back the fishtail pants.

G: That said: the Hapstall conspiracy is far more complex than it seems, and I am NOT OKAY WITH ALL THIS SCOOBYGANGCEST.

I knew it was coming right from this shot, and NONONONONO.
First Laurel/Wes… I knew it was coming right from this shot, and NONONONONO.

R: Gawd, what is even happening?!?!


R: Let’s roll it back.

G: Sure. That just needed to be documented upfront.

R: Before we get into what did or did not happen in that bathroom, can we name some of the small moments that were AMAZING in this episode?

G: Go for it.

R: 1. A hetero dude getting sad-faced and jealous while watching his friend dance with friend’s boyfriend. Tiny, lovely!

I don't think Asher's ready for this jelly.
Longing for the greatest love of all.

G: That’s true, that was good.

R: 2. Famke Janssen’s looks at Tom Verica in the hospital when she really wants to know what happened to Annalise and is working up the courage to figure out how to introduce herself and is desperately curious about the man AK left her for, and then doesn’t act in time and then has to go introduce herself as a “colleague” later and not run through the halls screaming and tearing her hair out when she hears that AK has lost her baby? Ok, that wasn’t tiny, but seriously.

How many other hospitals, how many other lives, was this meant to evoke?
How many other hospitals, how many other lives, was this meant to evoke?

G: It’s true. There was some very good material about queerness and marginalization with Eve in this ep, done beautifully and quietly.

R: Yes!! I respect Famke way more now, and I even liked her as the Phoenix in the movies that weren’t directed by Ratner. The camera work on this episode was more sophisticated than I’ve seen before on this show. I haven’t yet looked up who was directing, but I noticed.

G: Not being terribly devoted to X-Men, I never had occasion to have real feels about Famke before this, but I nod to her power now.

R: Then there’s 3. Annalise losing her son in flashback as she’s narrating to Wes about why she has to protect him. I felt all the Feels, and all the emotional vertigo.

This might have been more than Wes could take.
My face = SAME.

G: Sometimes, just when you think this show is going to go twistier than twisty, it plants you in the straightforward but horrific grief of a moment and then you simply have to live there.

Sustaining this scene was a horrible, disturbing, correct choice.
Sustaining this scene was horrible, wrenching, and the right choice.

R: This episode definitely played tug of war with my insides. Oh, and earlier with Eve and Nate! Oh my.

G: That was certainly a brand-new dance.

R: That scene in her office managed to be both subtext and text. AK literally calls them out on fighting over her “like a chew toy,” and yet there’s so much that is going unspoken in that scene. Also, I do buy it that AK doesn’t think of herself as “gay,” and as much as I want to root for her relationship with Eve, it felt true to her character that she was going to turn to Nate to look after her. Though why that man is hanging on to her, I really don’t fully understand…

Seriously, Nate … what are you doing?
Seriously, Nate, you look great, but what are you doing?

G: I’m hoping we’ll get more reveal on the inception of Nate and Annalise in short order.

R: Right?

G: Because otherwise, yes, he’s starting to be a problem. However, I was having a conversation with a random gentleman I met on the train about how I trust this show to clean up its messes more than literally any other. Certainly more than anything I watch right now. Breaking Bad was also pretty good at that, but in the end I enjoy these characters more.

R: I wonder if they’ll do some parallel next season where we see the end of Eve/start of Sam and the end of Sam/start of Nate.

Though technically, we've seen the end of Sam. I'm just saying.
Though technically, we’ve seen the end of Sam. I’m just saying.

G: Well, like I was saying last week, I don’t think they can push Famke and Viola much younger and still have it be believable. And they know we’re watching as much for their acting as for the backstory. But I wouldn’t mind some end of Sam/start of Nate, and we’ll have to see at least some of it in order to discover why Frank was taking orders from Sam and Annalise did not know.

R: I have questions about what gutter Sam dragged Frank out of and why.

He does clean up real nice when not in the gutter.
He does clean up real nice.

Every time I see Sam in a flashback, I keep squinting to see if now is the moment he’s going to start being awful and chokey. It is really hard to trust his character, even in flashbacks.

G: Well, that Bonnie therapy scene was meant to raise eyebrows by means of not raising eyebrows.

They knew we were all expecting something illicit to be happening.
They knew we were all expecting something illicit to be happening.

R: True. Liza played goofy and sweet and young very becomingly.

G: I am just waiting for all kinds of exploses of violated trust in the past to parallel the present.

R Yup. Same.

G: Side note: did you squeal as loudly as I did when you saw Cicely Tyson in the opening credits??


R: I was baking bread and not watching as closely, but as soon as she started packing her bags, I knew where she was going: MAMA!!! I think this show needs to put Ms. Tyson on retainer for at least one episode per season. I did cheer. Out loud. And I was alone.

G: As was I. I enjoy seeing Ms. Tyson all over my teevees. She’s on House of Cards now too.

R: Ooooo, that might convince me to watch it. So how are they going to tie up all this mess in one episode???????

G: Oh sweet LORD I could not say. But I return to my original point: NO MORE LAWYERETTECEST NO NO NO MORE WE ARE DONE.


R: I know. I think I can only conscience the Michaela/Asher slashfic for two reasons: one, it felt like something that will only happen once and then just be an ongoing undercurrent complication for both characters, and two, it was a switch from the red herring of Wes and Laurel.

G: Well, Laurel is seeming to take the red herring seriously, which is even worse. DO NOT ACCEPT.

R: I can actually see more interesting complications coming from Michaela-Asher than from Laurel-Wes. I will only accept that Laurel is grieving her FRIENDSHIP with Wes in which she is his get-a-grip FRIEND.

G: Laurel was not making it sound like that.

Seriously, Laurel, this is not serious.
Seriously, Laurel, this is not serious.

R: Well, I’m going to keep on hearing what I want to hear.

G: I will accept so much from this show, but the only acceptable solution to this particular problem is STOP IT STOP IT NOW. Return us to the vast Hapstall conspiracy immediately!

R: Alright, back to all the other loose ends that need to be caught up and woven in, though likely not tied up in this last ep of the season: Philip’s on the loose! Caleb’s missing!

G: They’re all in it together!

R: Catherine maybe committed the only murders she didn’t confess to!

G: Along with a somewhat-coerced Oliver!

R: Really?! Dude, AK knows what Frank did!!!!! Oliver quit his job!

… because he's getting a payoff from questionable sources? I don't know, let's find out!
… because he’s getting a payoff from questionable sources? I don’t know, let’s find out!

G: Seriously! I was still, up until this point, imagining it wasn’t Sam who had ordered Frank to kill Lila at all! And we STILL do not know what happened when Lila came to the door and was greeted by Bonnie that night so long ago!

R: My guess is that about 1 in 5 of these dangling ends will be tucked up tight by the end of next week’s ep. The rest will be woven back on each other for a more lush and wild season 3 premiere.

G: Yowza. Can I take it? I do not know if I can take it.

R: I think we will find out who killed the Hapstall parents.

G: I think the Hapstalls have to tie up right quick. We cannot keep them all that much longer.

R: I have no way of predicting what will transpire at Anna Mae’s mama’s house, and I am so excited to find out.

G: The anticipation is beyond intense.

Like Annalise, I don't know if I can take it.
Bring me your finest cashmere and a bottle because I don’t know if I can take it.