Diablog: Jane the Virgin, S2 E18

This was fun, and could have taken up more of the episode.
This was fun, and could have taken up more of the episode.

Rasha: I continue to be annoyed by their portrayal/non-portrayal of the feminist advisor.

Gemma: Ugh, yes. Worse this week.

R: In my experience, feminists do not hate romance.

G: You mean, non-cartoon feminists? No, they don’t. This was one where the show’s usual quirky meta-cleverness about itself just seemed to fall flat. It was just kind of like, “yeah, I get it, guys. you’re talking about you.”

This is not the reason we're exhausted, but @JaneWriters, you are exhausting us.
This is not the reason we’re exhausted, but @JaneWriters, you are exhausting us.

R: Also, hasn’t Jane’s penchant for burning through advisors registered for her yet? Like, career advice, babe: find someone who is a good match for your work. And then don’t date them. Or, I guess, spill egg salad on them. I know tension and conflict drive plot…bla, blah, baaaa. But still.

G: Indeed. Not to mention that every model of advisor we’ve had is “tough but you should listen to them becuzzzzzzzz …” And thus far, Anniska is some low-grade Helena and I don’t know whether I am here for it.

Not hungry enough, and definitely not enough duct tape and self-surgery.
Not hungry enough, and definitely not enough duct tape and self-surgery.

R: Nah, I am not in this episode. And her crush on Raf is more bottled than her haircolor. She is unfortunately dollar-store Helena–even her outsize appetite pales. Which reminds me: I need to watch Orphan Black‘s premiere!!! Something weird to look forward to!



G: It is not at all what you are expecting!

R: Awesome. I love it when that happens.

G: YES PLEASE SEE IT SO WE CAN DISCUSS. I mean, Rodriguez beats Grobglas sideways at doing the Maslany.

Again, this was fun, and more of it would be fine.
Again, this was fun, and more of it would be just fine.

R: Maybe since JTV is doing a Tiago episode about clones, they’ll be some inversion of the plot-meta commentary continuum and we’ll come out the other side of the JTV wormhole and find out we’ve been watching OB all along. Seriously, clones and hungry, damaged eastern European twin sisters? JTV, please.

Just sayin' is all.
Just sayin’ is all.

G: Yeah, it was pretty blatant.

R: Are they getting too much on themselves after the awards wins and now all they’re going to do is meta-sh*t?

G: I think I might appreciate Rogelio hooking up with Dina, and I appreciated that “wrong choice” did not refer to Magda threatening Petra from prison as they’d made me think.

R: I liked Dina coming back as a love interest. I was worried for a minute he was going to have a fling with his co-star. Maybe his PTSD will resurface when he tries to be in a romantic relationship again? Maybe he’s been having night-terrors and hiding it from everyone? I hate to wish trauma on someone, even fictionally, but otherwise it just seems dishonest.

G: We can dream.

R: I was confused about the Magda throwback. What do you understand the wrong choice to be? Like, Magda thinks she should have chosen the other daughter? But what was Petra’s wrong choice?

Obligatory Magda screencap, salty as ever.
Obligatory Magda screencap, salty as ever.

G: Choosing to keep Petra rather than Anniska. They said it in the jail scene. Magda just muttered “wrong choice.” They were trying to mislead us.

R: Ah. I see. Whatevs, man. I’m not sure that this point that I will be ready to re-up this show for next year.

G: I come and go on it.

R: Is there like a boner equivalent for tears? Because they have been killing my tear-boner.

Used to feel this way in every ep, and I sooo want to be there with ya but there are too many distractions.
I used to be like.

G: There was an interesting Vulture article today about whether Michael will die. Pretty well-thought-out.

R: As in, did they think he will or won’t die this season?

G: no, just will he die. They believe, as we do, that he will, and they had some interesting theories about the why and how.

R: I mean, on that level, don’t we all eventually? Btdubs, I think they should kill him, but in the middle/end of the third season. We haven’t had enough time to invest in the certainty of his life with Jane. And we’ve been jerked around so damn much this season that I’ll get whiplash if they kill him before the finale.

They have to do more of this cuteness to us.
They have to do more of this cuteness to us. Maybe minus the product placement.

G: I tend to agree after considering your argument last week, yeah.

R: I guess I could read that article, but I confess that I’m much less emotionally invested.Ok, while we’re on the subjects of shows wilding out and killing characters because they don’t understand what they’ve got: DUDE WTF WITH KILLING ABBIE? I HAVEN’T EVEN BROUGHT MYSELF TO WATCHING IT YET BECAUSE I AM SO ANGRY AND IT’S JUST SO STOOPID. NIKKI BEHARIE NEEDS TO HAVE AN AWESOME SHOW WITH ARCHIE PANJABI.


R: I BELIEVE THE ANSWER IS YES. I GET THE SENSE THEY ENJOYED WORKING TOGETHER. I FEEL THE NEED TO SCREAM ABOUT THIS TOPIC. And perhaps less outrageous but still stoops: Castle is not renewing Stana Katic for the next season. And though I have not enjoyed or really watched Castle in several years, I do not understand how there is a show without Detective Beckett. Am I weird that in my mind Abbie and Beckett were the main characters of their respective shows?

G: Well, Abbie was unquestionably the main character of SH. I never watched Castle.


G: ME NEITHER. Back to this show, though: I don’t know what Luisa Actor is doing right now, but she’d be way more interesting than this Derek subplot without even Derek and so Rafael’s going to get in legal trouble and then … so … can’t quite care. I thought Rogelio trying to get Jane and Xo to reconcile was cute but took up way too much time.

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 19:21:53

R: Sigh. What she^ said. Ok, the one Derek that I will accept? Derek Hough as a professional salsa dancer!

G: That was cute.

Dancing with the Emmy Winners!
Dancing with the Emmy Winners!

R: After the bad not-rapping last week, this was a refreshing moment, and it looked like Rodriguez was enjoying it too. Although I did kind of wonder if it counts as cheating when Jane’s alterego in the story kisses some alterego lover who is not Michael? But in the end, I don’t have time to keep track of our girl’s romance like that.

G: Like I said, I like the multiple Rodriguez figures, and no, I do not think that counts.

R: Well, given that the Cuban protagonist’s mom was played by Xo, it seemed slippery.

G: Yeah, I suppose that’s a fair argument.

The lines between life and fiction can be slippery, ja?
The lines between life and fiction can be slippery, ja?

R: Ok, I know what we both enjoyed: Rodriguez’s alterego admitting that she didn’t feel nothing when watching all the scantily clad women walking around.

G: Yes, we did both enjoy that.

R: It was heavy-handed, but I didn’t mind.

G: Well, the idea of testing that out on a character–How To Change Her Up–felt familiar to me, and that was a cute experiment from a straighter-than-straight writer with fun results.

The judges don't feel *nothing* about this, we admit.
The judges don’t feel *nothing* about this, we admit.

R: It does feel a bit like the JTV writer’s room has a wheel of Writer’s Rules and they’re giving it a twirl before generating plots. There was the Bechdel test ep, and something else I’m not remembering, and now the Show Don’t Tell.

G: Well, there was a ton of metawriterliness on this ep. Not just Show Don’t Tell, but Rogelio’s machinations, Jane’s relationship between writing and her life, the drama of her readmission to the program with Black Friend We Met For Like Two Seconds Once Before probably mirroring the show’s uncertainty about being renewed for a third season, etc.

R: Ouch, are they that much in trouble already given how many accolades they got last year? And: is there a writing rule we wish they’d build a plot around?

G: Oh lord. Finish what you start.

R: Is that a writer rule? I thought that was just some Get Right With Your Life sh!t.

G: It is also that.

R: Sigh. Finish that ish, @JaneWriters!

Maybe Dina Milagro becomes Jane's new writing mentor? A real and complex and formidable one who understands her work and pushes her but is not always right or wrong? Sigh.
Maybe Dina Milagro becomes Jane’s new writing mentor? A real and complex and formidable one who understands her work and pushes her but is not always right or wrong? Sigh.