Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E2

In which we attempt to fire you For Your Own Good.
In which we attempt to fire you For Your Own Good.

Rasha: I have notes for this episode! They are: Who put up the damn flyers other than President Frenemy, Lauren Vélez?

Gemma: Mr. Drake? He has some history.

R: He really should get some.

Will he be this season's Levi?
Will he be this season’s Levi?

G: That or Wes is doing it his own damn self.

R: I will also accept Sam’s sister, because GAWD I miss the nuclear throwdowns between her and Annalise. That is Dynasty level drama.

G: Is she still on that doctor show?

R: Yes.

G: Sigh.

R: Which makes me not hopeful, also a reason not to hope for it: the little Lawyerettes already speculated about her being responsible, which means it’s definitely not her. They did a lot of speculating this episode. Will they start their own recaps?

Not if Michaela has anything to do with it.
Not if Michaela has anything to do with it.

G: Do your notes say anything about the fact that it’s weirdly endearing how much Asher enjoys giving head?

R: Eh, it felt a little too Wokest Baes of the Internet to me. Like, we have already given this show props for nearly every hetero coupling starting with dessert first. I do appreciate his ambition to deliver “a double.”

As does Michaela.
As does Michaela.

G: He was like that with Bonnie too. I find it endearing. Although I agree that this whole episode was a touch Wokest of the Network. Netwoke?

R: Sigh. Yes. Not Woke on my notes: Sam. He was Frank’s therapist in Prison! Seriously, did that man know how to meet any human being that he wasn’t teaching or therapizing? THIS IS A REAL QUESTION.

G: I don’t know that! And was he in completely inappropriate relationships with literally all his patients ever?

R: YES. I do know that. I am utterly certain of it. He probably kept a black book of favors and blackmail.

G: Oh flashbacks with Tom Verica, what wilt thou reveal??

R: Eve is coming back!!! And she’s bringing the winds of Mahoney with her at some point.

G: Well, yeah, they only said “Eve” 8,222 times in this episode. But yes, I’m looking forward.

R: I do appreciate there being some gestures to what we don’t see onscreen in this ep, including What Eve’s Been Up To. And also Annalise telling Nate he’ll be late for work! LOL, he does something other than jump when she calls?

Late for work. Is that what we're calling it now.
Late for work. Is that what we’re calling it now.

G: It seems like he tries really hard to, but is incapable. The Vortex of Annalise is real.

R: You called it though: Laurel’s dad may be back by the next episode.

To the Mafiosomobile!
To the Mafiosomobile!

G: I TOLD YOU. I am proud of that insight.





R: Dude, I keep remembering Bonnie talking smack to Laurel about how she shouldn’t mess with Frank because he’s a tender flower who is easily bruised by this harsh world…and maybe #BeardFeelings are real? Like was the beard a filter for the harshness of the world? An armor for tender cheeks?

G: You did notice how tenderly they were handling their respective pool cues.


Bonnie's got her fingers wrapped around …
Product placement.

R: You, incorrigible.

G: Dude, it was not subtle.


R: I may have been packing my bag for work and not been totally paying attention. Ok, I have another question: How long before Ms. Crowley comes back to bite the Scoobies in the arse with her knowledge that Connor killed a man in Reno just to watch him die?

G: I wondered that too! But most of the time when I think a COTW is gonna come back I am wrong.

I think she's out of the episode, out of our lives.
I think she’s out of the episode, out of our lives.

R: I thought AK would blow her parole hearing to keep her from getting out with that knowledge!

G: I totally thought that would happen too! But I think this was one of those where they needed their message to win the case.

R: Yeah, I’m ok with that. I guess we’re good people now? When we’re not wiping evidence off burner phones at the scene of our burning houses before we get arrested.

As one does.
As one does.

G: Nothing in this ep made me stop pulling for EvilOlive(r).

R: I have another theory to advance about Who’s Under Dat Sheet.

G: Whooooooo? I mean, this week they wanted us to think Connor, but …

R: Well, I was going back through the archive of my mind and thinking about the story arcs of the previous two seasons. First season focused largely on Wes and his connection to Rebecca and therefore the Lila Case. Second season developed the Wes/AK connection through the Rose/Mahoney storyline, which I hope they will not just abandon, but it also drew out stories for Michaela and Asher as their lives connected to Caleb and Judge Dad in the Hapstall case.

G: So this is Laurel and Connor’s season.

First stop: heartbreak hotel.
First stop: heartbreak hotel.

R: Yarp. Third season will further develop something something with Wes and AK, and we’ll get bigger arcs for Connor and Laurel.

G: I buy it. So does that mean we’re killing one of them, or that we are not?

R: It’s not Laurel. But the meta analysis and the Connor story trends of this season lead me to add him to my list. Also, we now know it’s not Oliver under Dat Sheet.

G: Yes. which was clearly being intentionally demonstrated, since he’s the first Not Under Dat Sheet person. But if Eve is not defending Annalise after her arrest, they will at least be trying to make us think She’s Under Dat Sheet. This feels like a game show.

R: So I’ll revise to: Frank, Connor, Michaela as being under Dat Sheet. Oliver seeming very concerned makes me think he thinks it might be Connor. But then AK’s calming of him makes me think she knows it’s not, and also like the body might be so disfigured as to be unidentifiable at first glance. Does AK know who’s under the sheet? This is where the time stuff throws me off.

G: We’ve just seen her destroyed by what she saw under that sheet. Or at least reallllllly good at acting destroyed.

Shock. And awe?
Shock. And awe?

R: Is what we saw last week what happened after what we saw this week, two months in the future? Ugh.

G: This week is after last week two months in the future.

R: Then she should know who’s under the sheet. Except she doesn’t tell Oliver. This show. I was thinking this morning in the shower: this show would not at all be suspenseful without the time jumps. Is the joy of it all the speculation?

G: Which is why they overdo it sometimes, I guess.

R: Will we ever get tired of it?

G: Probably. I was a little tired of it last episode, but this week I felt more at home in it again. I’m still quite open to Bonnie being Under Dat Sheet.

R: I’m inclined to say that Bonnie is Not under Dat Sheet.

Next question: is she under AK's thumb?
Next question: is she under AK’s thumb?

G: Why not?

R: She’s too central to AK’s operation, and she grounds the group dynamic with the Keating 5. I also can’t imagine Liza Weil voluntarily leaving. But this is me talking as an author and TV critic, not as someone who is thinking about people likely to die in a fire at A. Keating’s house.

G: It would be foolish of her, but people have done foolish things before, and also they’re going to have to get rid of SOMEONE “central” for this not to be a letdown. Meaning it might not have been the actor’s choice.

R: Sure, totally!

G: You know, à la whatshisname who played Zack on Bones, although now he’s back.

R: Ugh. I am not excited about that Bones storyline.

G: I know. Me neither. But when the show goes long enough, they run out of non-stupid choices.

R: Could it be Nate Under the Sheet?

Well, he's definitely partially under the sheet in this picture.
Well, he’s definitely partially under these sheets.

G: It could absolutely, which might do something to explain the quickness of the arrest.

R: Why didn’t she tell Oliver who was under that sheet!!!!??!?

G: Again, I’m pulling for Oliver is in on it too. He’s a good actor, that hug was planned.

Does his presence in the green light represent eeeeeeevil?
Does his presence in the green light represent eeeeeeevil?

R: Oh, of course. It will be satisfying to see him turn to the scheming side.

G: This whole breakup is part of his scheming side.

R: I don’t buy that, but I’ll just have to see. Next week: Laurel’s Dad!

G: Yes! Laurel’s dad, Connor crashing with Michaela and de facto Asher, Eve returns, and we learn something weird about Meggy. Predictions out.