Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E3

Once we've seen you under green light, your way forward has been greenlit.
This week’s winner in Who’s Not Under #DatSheet

Gemma: So Bonnie is officially eliminated from the #DatSheet pool. You were correct.

Rasha: Yeah, it looks like we’ll get a new one each week. I predict that Asher or Nate will be revealed to Not Be Under #DatSheet next week. But could it be Nate under that sheet though?

G: I still think the odds of Nate are good. I don’t know how long they’ll string us along to try to make us believe it’s Wes … And also: NO ON WAUREL.

R: He’s a little bit Nate Ex Machina these days with all his convenient framing of people, which is unfortunate.

A well-oiled Nate ex Machina, perhaps? Just saying.
A well-oiled Nate ex Machina, perhaps? Just saying.

G: He is, but wtf is on with him and Oliver???

You're a rather suspicious type, Ollie.
Did anyone else hear him call himself “Anton” when wiping the phone? Just me?

R: RIGHT? Did they have some run-in last season that I totally missed? I was reviewing the tapes in my mind trying to figure out what kind of reverse magnetism was happening there. And Never Waurel. Not even if she bares her soul to Wes about having “crazy moms.”

G: I will pull for EvilOlive(r) until I can’t do it anymore. And nooooo, not even then. And evil rich dads.

R: I was pleased that Evil Rich Dads from Mexico are not into cartels (at least on the surface) and are in fact, a more realistic kind of terrifying: rich businessmen in the military-tech-complex.

G: Yes. He presents an excellent veneer of legit. He might even be legit. Although she signed away her soul, we don’t know precisely what she was a signatory to.

So respectable even his fights with his daughter are mediated.
So respectable even his fights with his daughter are mediated.

R: But you know there’s some shady reason that Bad Dad can’t go back to Mexico. And it probably has something to do with why his name isn’t on the business deal.

G: It does. Sooooo … how neat will we be going? Did Bad Dad and Wallace Mahoney have some past dealings?

R: Nah. Or if so, only tangentially. Who was Mahoney on the phone with though? And how many of the little lawyerettes has Bad Dad been wiretapping? Laurel is legit living my daily nightmare. And is someone tapping Bad Dad’s phone?

G: If so, is it Annalise? I guess she doesn’t really have the wherewithal.

Could she pull it off? Probably not, but don't we wish.
Could she pull it off? Probably not, but don’t we wish.

R: I wish I believed she had that kind of power, but nah.

G: Hey, the witness at the beginning was an actor I worked with a long time ago in Chicago. That was pretty neat. (Sorry that was a jump; I was thinking about Annalise wielding her power, which led into the COTW.)

R: I was trying to remember if there was a witness at AK’s burning house. The COTW really made clear how hard the show is going on violence against women this season.

No sympathy for this @$$hole. Not even the pretend kind.
No sympathy for this @$$hole. Not even the pretend kind.

I was thinking back to your comments on Ep 1 of this season that you felt this show was going more political. I think that might feel only in comparison to S2–remember how raucous S1 was with that implausible but very satisfying monologue in court about a tenant’s rights organizer?

G: Yes. It feels overt, a bit Netwoke like last week, but again, given what some of the other shows and some of the other networks are doing with their platform, I do not mind it one bit.

R: Agreed. Ok, I have a dating question for you and our audience: Should Connor have told Oliver the real reason why he drove the casino flirt away?

The Moment of Truth. Or the Moment of Untruth. Or whatever.
He tells the truth to Michaela.

G: What was the real reason?

R: Dude was racist, wasn’t interested in Oliver, and wanted to make it with Connor. I was proud to see a gay male character on TV confront another gay male character for the kind of racist–can it be misogyny if it’s directed at men?–behavior that can happen inside communities.

G: Well, then, he shouldn’t have told Oliver. He did right.

R: But even that the dude was interested in Connor but not Oliver, sigh, I see how there’s no good way to have that conversation with someone who’s not dating you anymore and just wants to hang out as friends, but I respected Connor for the surgical precision of his shutdown of the dude, and overall the Connor Oliver breakup seems too convenient for the plot. I guess we all just want to see those kids make it.

G: We do. And they know it. And they are driving very hard on it, in order to make us think Connor is Under Dat Sheet, which makes me think he isn’t.

R: Nah, he isn’t, but because he is one of the two Scoobies that this season will develop story for, he or Laurel will be the next to last revealed as Not Under DatSheet.

Perhaps not Under #DatSheet, but rife with drama nonetheless.
Perhaps not Under #DatSheet, but rife with drama nonetheless.

G: And it’s also why I believe in EvilOlive(r). Over the course of the last two seasons, Connor’s practically had breakdowns over all of this and it’s partially because he was trying desperately to protect Oliver from It All. The reveal will be that Oliver has never needed this protection.

R: Has Oliver been arrested before?!?!? Is that how he knows Nate?

G: This seems likely, yes. And Nate let him off for some reason, or he got off and Nate didn’t want him to …?

R: Is Nate bisexual? Because I have never gotten that vibe from him, but that’s how Oliver’s reaction read.

G: I would like it if Nate and Annalise were both bi, but it would surprise me if they went that way.

What range of sexual orientations exists in this bed?
What range of sexual orientations exists in this bed?

R: There is definitely some intense story that will be revealed. Nate seemed ready to blow it off, but Oliver seemed genuinely shook.

G: Then again, they did bring Aidan back into the mix this week. And he’s marrying a lady human.

R: I KNOW. I was just going to talk about how messy Michaela was getting over him. I agree with Connor: anyone who posts that much isn’t really happy.

But this fact does not make Michaela any happier.
But this fact does not make Michaela any happier.

G: I mean, if we remember anything about this dude, his mother obvs forced him into this marriage.

R: Yeah, the latest lady seems like the kind of successful applicant for the position that mom would choose. Does this mean we’ll get to see Aidan/AidanMom again? I miss having people from Michaela’s past show up, and it seems like she’s even more alienated from family than Annalise.

G: Perhaps! Perhaps we will even meet some of her family, since so much was made of her conflicts re: her own adoption last season. I wonder what is coming down the pipeline in Michaela’s romantic life, too. The bubble with Asher will burst when whatever dorm disaster that’s going to happen happens, and then …?

R: I feel like with Michaela we’re getting some of the same IntoDarkness plot tropes that we saw with Will Gardner on Season 5 of The Good Wife. I’m not saying we’ll lose her, and really, I’d rather we didn’t, but I can’t unsee what I see. Binge Drinking, Ill Advised Affair, Gambling.

This was kind of a baller shot, though.
This was kind of a baller shot, though.

G: And you unfortunately have mad skillz at predicting such things. And I think my BoaN theory might hold, especially since it’s now been designated a Fan Theory by people who are not us.

R: Broke up over some dude she dated two seasons ago.

G: While skipping over the dude she had a thing with who died in the effing bathtub… but I digress.

R: I think the show would prefer we did. Well, we are close at time. I predict the Mahoney case and Eve will return before the mid-season finale and we’ll get some tidbits about Wes’ past. They are going to try to make Waurel happen, ugh, there’s no way we can escape it. Meggy does seem good for Wes.

But is Wes good for Meggy?
But is Wes good for Meggy?

G: Yes, but nobody who’s good for anybody lasts on this show.

R: Good except for the whole DON’T DATE YOUR PATIENTS THING.

G: Also that.

R: So either she’s awful actually, or she won’t last. And maybe both.

G: The odds, to my mind, are with both.

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