Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E4

This show. Always there to shock us.
Over my morning tea, I was like.

Rasha: Where can we even start?

Gemma: Okay, so we now know Laurel is not under #DatSheet because she was elsewhere. And now we have my classic argument with Shondaland.

R: ?

Laurel is not under dat particular sheet … perhaps a different one.
Laurel is not under dat particular sheet … perhaps because she was under a different one.

G: Point: seriously, now we have to wonder about who got Laurel pregnant? That’s our dilemma now, really? Counterpoint: WHO GOT LAUREL PREGNANT??!?!?!

R: Frank. Or anyone not Wes. Literally Anyone. Asher would do. Connor or Oliver in a pinch.

#NotWes #NotWes #NotWes
#NotWes #NotWes #NotWes

R: Also, if the flash forward is four weeks in the future, either she’s already pregnant now, or we should have seen her sleep with someone.

G: This is true, you make an excellent point. Unless she’s, like, two weeks pregnant.

Tell us, Laurel, what are you hiding?
Must’ve been all these unprotected voicemails she’s leaving.

R: We’ll find out in two weeks, I bet. Can we talk about who’s under DatSheet? I kinda enjoy this game.

G: Did you see the interview with Viola Davis where she said that she didn’t know who was under DatSheet when they shot the scene?

R: Nowalk is a cold b*tch. That is cold.

G: I’ll see if I can find it. It was a meme on her fb page. She was like “hey, I went to Juilliard. I can get devastated without knowing who it was.”

R: Will someone please make that dame a tshirt with that on it? Surely he gave her some sense of the magnitude, though? Ugh, not helping. And AK is also breaking down in jail, but because we know AK is a mess, it’s not clear what that’s about.

What, this wouldn't be terrifying enough on its own?
What, this wouldn’t be terrifying enough on its own?

G: I’m sort of sad we won’t see Eve rescue her from jail. But we have said farewell to professional lesbian mermaid.

So sad to see you go.
So sad to see you go.

She clearly has a more lucrative contract role elsewhere. She is also therefore not under DatSheet. They super want us to think it is Wes or Connor.

R: Yeah, it’s over. I both wanted them to be together, and also totally agree with AK that Eve deserves to be happy. Yeah, Eve’s not under DatSheet, but I never thought she was anyway.

G: I never thought she was under DatSheet, but I did think she would take AK’s case.

R: So, who would be at the house with Laurel?

G: Frank.

R: I think the show wants us to think Wes, but I think it’s Frank. With every episode that goes by, I think more and more that Frank is one dying this season. He MURDERATED Bonnie’s old perv dad!!!

Did Frank Get Away With It? We'll find out soon enough, I guess …
Will Frank Get Away With It? We’ll find out soon enough, I guess …

And called him POP?!?!

G: YES! What does that mean? Do we believe Bonnie didn’t know he was going to do it? Wait, are they secret siblings?!?!

How far does their story go?

R: He is on some avenging angel type ish. If we hadn’t already met Frank’s family, I would wonder if they were!!!

G: Because you know how badly I want there to be secret siblings on this show!

R: I would be down for Bonnie and Frank being some Bonnie n Clyde style foundlings who were both reunited under the wings of Annalise Keating. That sounds like the orphan story that Disney would never touch. Except they own ABC.

G: I dunno, Disney likes its shady orphan stories.

R: I don’t think Frank has ever been a threat to AK. I think he left to make things right and take vengeance for AK, and now I guess for Bonnie too? Who else will Frank avenge before he goes up in a ball of flame?

We know @dopequeenphoebs would mean something different by "ball of flame" here.
We know @dopequeenphoebs would mean something different by “ball of flame” here.

G: So was AK telling the truth about the hitman? Do we even know when AK is telling the truth anymore? Also, that must have been a reaaalllllly fun scene for Billy Brown to play. After all Nate’s time as a doormat. I don’t know that I liked parts of it, and yet …

Revenge of the Nate.
Revenge of the Nate.

R: That was way overdue. And it was so clear that the DA wanted him in the worst kind of way. I think AK hired a private eye, and the guy was ready to do what was needed, but I’m not sure that AK was actually worried she’d be hurt so much as exposed. I think she needed to know what Frank was going to do next. And the person who had the particular set of skills she needed just happened to work for the mob as a hitman.

G: Do you think she wanted him to kill Bonnie’s dad?

R: No. Annalise Keating does not murder, that is a rule of this show.

G: Also, did we know the woman who gave Frank the gas tank?

R: Nah, she was just some person.

G: I felt like we did. Maybe the actor was just familiar from elsewhere. Okay, I want to make sure we get to: Asher and Bonnie and the case, and President Frenemy/actions having consequences.

R: Yes, the case! Bonnie’s retort to Asher about him being a bystander to gang rape and how that might make him not an objective lawyer in this case was great.

Disastrous case, sharply drawn conflict.
Disastrous case, sharply drawn conflict. Also, Bonnie is definitely growing out her hair.

G: Yes, that was some smart dialogue and dynamics. And I liked how not-neat the answer was for the kid himself.

R: For a minute I wasn’t sure the teacher was really the girlfriend, though? It was confusingly played by the guest star, and Bonnie’s hard line questions on the stand made me think they were going to Don Quixote her. That they let the case rest with the young man’s anger is meaningful.

Damn, he could carry this weight.
Damn, he could carry this weight.

G: I had that moment too. But I thought in the scene after, the young actor played it tremendously well, and his perspective was complex and hefty.

R: It was more the teacher actress.

G: Yeah, she was odd.

R: God, that storage locker full of baby stuff. What an image.


R: In my mind, I imagine the young man getting custody of his child and getting to raise them. It is probably against the grain of the show for me to want a happy ending, but I do for this case.

G: I think minor characters can have happy endings sometimes.

R: Also, it just occurred to me that the legal aid clinic gives the show a chance to work with cases that aren’t murder. There wasn’t a murder in the COTW this week. Similarly with the first ep.

G: This is true. I guess we have enough murders to get away with independently.

R: Or now it’s a metaphor, like “they’re getting away with murder by not being charged…for shoplifting.” or is that idiom? Anyway.

G: Idiom, I think. Definitely not metaphor.

R: President Frenemy though. When President LaGuerta said something about Her People having a saying, I was like: girl, okay. She is really not qualified to step to the line with La Davis.

This is some vapid righteousness.
This is some vapid righteousness.

G: Vélez? No, she is not. Feels a little like when Adnan Salif came onto Scandal. She just doesn’t have the power the script gives her.

R: Oh no, I cannot bear another Adnan-Momma Liberation Front disappointment (I WANTED ADNAN TO BE KALINDA, WHY WAS SHE NOT KALINDA). What is up with the Board having it in for AK? Did Mahoney pull strings? Why does someone on the Board hate AK?

G: Well, whoever they are, they’re also involved with the flyers. And Mr. Drake must be connected. They wouldn’t have just thrown him in here for no reason.

R: Hunh. Ok. Yeah, obvs. Simon Drake is the mole for someone. Maybe he’s this season’s Rebecca, though? Like he’s in up to his eyeballs but also still somehow a victim?

G: That sounds likely.

R: I think we won’t see more with Drake until after the midseason. That’s a slow release plot point.

G: And the board can’t just have it in for AK without some connection to our other existing characters/stories.

R: Maybe Frank knew about it and he’s like Jason Bourne, taking them down from the outside? Dude, Frank is getting way too much story by himself separate from all the other main players. It looks like they’re getting him ready for a Viking funeral.

G: That’s why I like Frank and Bonbon as secret siblings.

R: I thought the same thing watching, and I loved it even though I think they’d have to do some Olympic story gymnastics to make it happen.

G: Olympic Story Gymnastics is their event! I think that bringing Frank’s dad back when we haven’t hung out with his family in aeons is a sign of new layers of Bad Dadz.

R: Huhn. Dude, this season is all about the Bad Dadz: Mahoney, Laurel’s Dad, AK has a bad dad, Bonnie’s garbage disposal of a father, Asher’s sack of sh*t dad. Does anyone have a good dad here? (Asher’s dad was last season, but still.)

G: Well, we’ve never met Michaela or Connor’s families. And Frank’s dad is still questionable.

R: Connor’s sister is lovely.

G: Oh, wait, we did meet Connor’s family! Just not Michaela’s!

Seriously, how could we forget? (By the way, I was there for Oliver's forcefulness on dating while poz.)
Seriously, how could we forget? (By the way, I was there for Oliver’s forcefulness on dating while poz.)

R: We saw him go home, and it seemed like his family was actually pretty loving.

G: I remember now.

R: I would try to get away with murder if it meant we’d get a storyline about Michaela’s family this season. If not, you know we’re getting it next season. I no longer think she’s under DatSheet.

Unless she's there with Asher.
Unless she’s there with Asher.

G: Yeah, me neither. But I feel my predictions could turn on a dime. Frank does seem the most consistently likely, tho.

R: Will Laurel Keep The Baby, tho? Will she Lose It Under Tragic Circumstances? Will it be kidnapped as a newborn from the hospital? You’re right, this is not the plot I want to be caring about.

G: All of these things seem like options. Ride that jumping shark, baby.

R: I want to know about Mahoney, but it feels like that’s getting dropped, esp with Eve leaving.

G: I will hold out hope for Eve coming back, but she Met Someone. it’s not gonna happen. I mean, seriously, who on this f*cking show Meets Someone?

I mean, haven't you already met?
I mean, haven’t you already met?

R: Yeah, I knew as soon as she said it that this was our Goodbye to Eve episode. Oh, I have one more note: Nate totally over-reacted about Eve being in town, and his argument with AK making clear that they’ve both submerged their conflicts rather than set them aside– otherwise they’d listen to each other.

G: True things.

R: But, but! He’s also totally right that AK was cheating on him, in the sense that she is much more emotionally honest and open with Eve and she lied to Nate about where she was. Also, we return to AK the Alcoholic.

"My name is Annalise, and …"
“My name is Annalise, and …”

G: I wonder how that will figure into the arrest/fire. This is the first time they’ve done anything explicit with it, so it must Mean Something.

R: I was reminded by how this show uses Annalise’s storylines in particular to show how complete truth telling can also be utterly callow manipulation. She is absolutely an alcoholic, and that is absolutely not why she slapped her client.

G: Indeed. Truth and honesty are not the same thing.

R: I respect the show for that. Also, in the world of Cop Show Norms, I continue to appreciate a show that centers Defense attorneys and the people accused of crimes.

Fare thee well, professional lesbian mermaid. Dance the night away with Vanessa.
Fare thee well, professional lesbian mermaid. Dance the night away with Vanessa.