Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E5

In spite of Oliver's fear, Connor is not under #DatSheet. Bonnie should be afraid. Unless she did it.
In spite of Oliver’s fear, Connor is not under #DatSheet. Bonnie should be afraid. Unless she did it.

Gemma: It is definitely Frank or Nate, because they are working super hard to make us believe it is Connor.

Rasha: Have you ever read Italo Calvino’s If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler…? I keep wanting the titles of this season’s episodes to connect to each other to make a sentence/paragraph. Like “We’re Good People Now, ” “Who’s under That Sheet?” “It’s about Frank.” I made that second one up.

G: <snort>. Also, I will be sooooo thrilled if the midseason finale is called “Who’s Under That Sheet?”

R: It’s Frank!!!

In the future, under #DatSheet. Currently … um, somewhere.
In the future, under #DatSheet. Currently … um, somewhere.

G: Sounds likely, but I’m ready for another bait and switch still. I mean, the scene with Nate and DA seemed to have very little point other than to remind us “hey, Nate’s still here!” Also … so Frank’s dad we met was not his dad?

R: Nah, his dad was totally his dad, who he put in a wheelchair because he was an angry young man. I am holding out for Frank not killing Mahoney because it seems too convenient, but sometimes this show uses plot tourniquets in order to staunch the flow of hemorrhaging storylines. Does Frank get tied off this season? I feel like the answer is yes.

G: Ah. Okay. Totes sounded like he killed his dad. And yes, I feel like generally on this show when people say they killed people and we have not witnessed it, they did not actually kill people.

R: No, he was crying because he couldn’t even do a good job of killing him and then felt guilty that his actions had consequences. I honestly was impressed with Charlie Weber’s acting choices in finessing the voice of younger Frank, all the sound coming from in his head and the back of his mouth, whereas older Frank talks from his upper lungs and the top of his tongue. Don’t ask me how I know this about voices, but it is true.

Also, he had different hair, you guys.
Also, he had different hair, you guys.

G: Wow. I did not notice this, but I entirely believe you.

R: I was impressed. It was inside baseball, but I appreciated it.

G: I gotta admit I am still not entirely entertained by Frank, but this was the first Followers of the Keating-Cest that I was there for. I mean, I understood how these two desperate people who were the only ones who understood each other hooked up.

R: Ok, but what I want to know was: Is this the first time Bonnie and Frank have done the deed?

G: I do not know the answer to that.

R: I keep thinking back to Bonnie’s pointed warning to Laurel at the beginning to Season 1 about Frank being a fragile flower and she shouldn’t hurt him. Plus, they touch each other like old flames who haven’t been together in a long time but who aren’t unfamiliar to hugging or kissing. There’s pain but also deep need. Charlie and Liza acted the hell out of those scenes together.

Some beautiful work in a very weird scene.
Some beautiful work in a very weird scene.

G: For serious. I will say on the record once again, though I know Gilmore Girls fans are coming for me: I had no idea Liza Weil could really act until this show.

R: GG fans are too distracted by the reboot to care what you and I think.

G: You make a legitimate point. I’ll watch it, but probably not that weekend.

R: Also, could Liza and Archie get a subtle expressions that convey so much Showdown?

It's on.
It’s on.

G: The first rule of Bring It Club is there’s no need to even talk.

R: What else have we got this episode? The backstory with Sam and AK and Frank was juicy, particular that it tied together Frank’s entry into the Keating life and the Lost Baby Murder Crash. He had only known AK for such a short time!

G: It is so true! I want to talk also Michaela’s family, and the Waurel warbling. And AK and President Frenemy’s alcoholic dances.

R: OMG MICHAELA’S FAMILY. THIS IS EVERYTHING I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR. I did yawp when she finally snapped at Simon Drake. Who has totally been making the Killer flyers…for reasons??

All right, Michaela. We got the beginning of the backstorky. Let's keep going.
 Finish him!

G: Annalise made some assumptions about him that made me think they have a history.

I mean, Annalise only shows up unexpectedly at the homes of people who matter, right?
I mean, Annalise only shows up unexpectedly at the homes of people who matter, right?

But it was also one of those Shondaland scenes where they were clearly acting vaguely to leave the door open for most possibilities when the writers decide.

R: Dude, he must have reasons. Is he connected to some victim of one of AK’s clients? Was he also one of Sam’s secret lovers??!

G: Or secret lovechild? I really, really want a secret lovechild.

R: Huhn. Someone should eventually have a secret lovechild. I will register as always my NO to Waurel.

G: Well, Laurel said no to Waurel, which was new.

R:  It is Frank’s baby. Dude, is she gonna lose the baby? You know that Ak isn’t ready to set up a childcare service for the Keating 5.

G: Frank is really getting around in these three weeks. Again, unless she’s been pregnant for several months now.

R: Maybe it was Khan from season 1?

G: That is a serious gestation period.

R: I mean, maybe they hooked up again. Or Khan from Star Trek. All seem equally improbable.

G: Well, it could be that she already knows she’s pregnant and that, not unrequited love per se, is the particular urgency to reach Frank. Now I think about it, that’s probably it.

Pregnant before? Already pregnant? I'm goin' with B.
Pregnant before? Already pregnant? I’m goin’ with B.

R: Huh. Yes, I can see that. I like that better as a choice, yes.

G: And it would also explain her turning down Wes’s “we’re the only ones who understand each other” proposition. I mean, an explanation other than NO NO NO.

R: But then she would be well into her second trimester, since the last time she saw Frank was before Summer vacation.

G: Well, didn’t they sleep together near the end of last season? We’re less than a month into the school year, remember. Their weeks are just packed.

R: I mean, I did have a PE coach in high school who delivered a 9 pound baby after only gaining 6 pounds during her pregnancy, but Laurel should really be showing by now if that’s the case.

G: I’ve known people who don’t really show until their fifth or sixth month. Either way. It makes way more sense than her being two weeks pregnant.

R: Ok, I rank eligible men who could impregnate Laurel, from Fine If You Must to NOOO: Frank, Khan, Asher, Connor, Oliver, Nate, the ghost of Sam Keating, Wes.

G: I’d move Nate between Connor and Oliver. Otherwise I’m with you.

But wait … nothing comes between Connor and Oliver!
But wait … nothing comes between Connor and Oliver!

R: Simon Drake could go before Nate. Dude, we have not even mentioned Mary J Blige doing AK’s new weave.

G: I’ve been told that’s legendary in the history of television.

I apologize for not getting a screenshot of Mary J. But I did get one of her hands doing Annalise's weave.
I apologize for not getting a screenshot of Mary J. But I did get one of her hands doing Annalise’s weave.

R: It seems like the next logical step after the s1 Wig scene. I would be totally down with it being a box in their thematic Bingo every season to include a Hair Scene. Also, you know Mary J Blige was so excited and probably lobbying hard to get the chance to do Viola Davis’ hair on screen.

G: It’s a very specific desire, certainly. But I loved seeing Annalise in the salon. This show knows how to make you think about codeswitching.

R: I feel like it’s more than that. There are definitely different worlds that several of the characters move through, with different priorities and, yes, also different languages. I’m thinking of AK, but also Laurel, Frank, Michaela. With AK they’ve done the most…


…with the others they’ve done it mostly lightly, but it seems like there’s more to draw out. Also, maybe it’s just enough that it’s there for those of us who feel that to see ourselves in popular stories.

G: That makes sense. With those four particularly, it makes me think a lot about escape and escaping.

R: I wish I could feel it for President Frenemy, but she just seems like a convenient plot obstacle to drive AK’s story this season.

She's not finding it terribly convenient.
She’s not finding it terribly convenient.

G: Pretty much. But she’s gonna have at least some kind of little plot twist. That shiny happy photo of her family in the background of her convo with Annalise is going to come back to haunt us.

R: Dude, please let her be a client of AK’s after some unspeakable murder.

G: Ooh, that sounds fun. And we’re going to find out what Michaela’s doing with her mother three weeks later, after she just told us how terrible her adoptive family was.

R: it is everything i want! Speaking of AK’s storyline, I have to get to two more things: how bout that flashback/around/through sequence during her bender that chronicled her relationship with Sam and child having/not having?

The Keatings and their sad, sordid, complicated history.
The Keatings and their sad, sordid, complicated history.

G: Oof, yeah.

R: Rough. That was rough.

G: It really was. We haven’t seen them actually meet yet, have we? I can’t even remember right now.

R:No, we haven’t. Davis and Verica have taken us through so much with those characters. They must have an amazing work relationship to have scraped the bottom in the first season and still do scenes together. 

G: I don’t know how much younger we can take them, but I have the feeling that needs to be part of the story. And yes, they work beautifully together.

R: Ok, last question from me: Sam Keating, good or bad?

What's the verdict?
What’s the verdict?

G: Yes.

R: I thought so. This reminds me of the Community episode where Abed tries to figure out whether Nicolas Cage is Good or Bad and goes off the deep end.

G: Nicolas Cage is definitively a bad actor. I am done hearing arguments to the contrary.

R: Did you catch Bonnie’s line about Sam getting into Frank’s head and that’s why he couldn’t tell AK before?

And then we had to learn what's gotten into Bonnie's head.
And then we had to learn what’s gotten into Bonnie’s head.

G: YES. Both Sam’s patients. Both Annalise’s semi-sycophants. What web do the Keatings weave?

R: We pluck another strand next week.