Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E6


Gemma: Well, that experience ended with me screaming DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT at my internet TV screen.

Rasha: I wanted to text you. I am not here for #Waurel babies. Let me be clear: both of these actors are lovely human beings, and Alfred Enoch is a tall and handsome man of compelling intensity, but there is too much incest in this group now.

G: TOO MUCH. And in spite of some missteps, Asher and Michaela’s thing had its moments. If I hadn’t been asked to put up with Waurel at the same time I might have felt more generous with it.

Michaela did some things to my heart in this ep, not gonna lie.
Michaela did some things to my heart in this ep, not gonna lie.

R: That’s exactly it. I mean, even the Asher moment telling Michaela that he thought of her as family and her tellingly vulnerable-i’m-not-vulnerable blow-off of how little good family has done her would be working for me if there was not the very forced relationship of Laurel and Wes. Cannot heterosexual people with different genitalia just be friends? Is anyone just friends on this show? liked the Wes/Laurel friendship.

G: So did I!

R: Maybe they will decide it was a mistake?

G: You mean like we have decided it was a mistake? Yes.

R: And girl, if you weren’t in LOUVRE with Frank, then why were you dialin his a$$ all hours of the day and night?

Please, Laurel, explain all this to us. Please.
Please, Laurel, explain all this to us. Please.

G: I’m still going with “because she was already pregnant.” That’s going to be the twist of the second half of the season, no matter who’s under #DatSheet. Which is now officially down to Nate, Frank, Wes, Connor, or somebody we give zero f*cks about.

R: For someone who identifies as non-spiritual, you have more faith than I do.

G: You know that literally the only things I believe in in the world are love and storytelling. Which are both frequently very flawed things.

R: That is a f^cking great quote. Frame that ish. Yes, I was tallying: It could be Frank, Nate, Connor… Wes (it’s not Wes, and it’s also not Connor, I promise). Or it is Simon Drake or Wes’ half Mahoney brother or someone else we do not care about.


Yes, Simon Drake, you're cute and clearly have some purpose in this story, but it would be pointless to have you under #DatSheet.
Yes, Simon Drake, you’re cute and clearly have some purpose in this story, but it would be pointless to have you under #DatSheet.

R: Frank is, like I said a couple of weeks ago, on some deep Avenging Angel ish. How does he not earn his wings and fly away at the end? Is he seriously going to grow back the beard and go back to wearing vests?

G: Maybe he set the fire and commits suicide?

R: Nah, I don’t see him as suicidal.

G: I don’t know. He’s doing a lot to right his wrongs on Earth at the moment, and we’ve seen him pretty destroyed early in this season. I think my new theory might be self-immolation.

The darkness in this car represents the darkness in his soul.
The darkness in this car represents the darkness in his soul, you guys.

R: Plus, how does that play in the world of the story, right? I could see him thinking about it, but I don’t see the writers letting him get away with it.

G: Besides, Bonnie is too correct right now. Something has to mess with that.

She said it. She knew it.
She said it. She knew it.

R: Correct meaning she seems stable?

G: No, meaning she keeps saying “I told you so” and it appears that she was right to do so. “I told you he just wants to come home,” etc. People on this show do not get to be right for very long.

R: Yeah, except that AK is reading her like a book on how badly she wanted to bone Frank. I don’t know that Frank wants to come home. I think he wants to balance the scales in some Punisher type retribution.

G: The reason I still like this show is because both of those things seem equally possible.

R: I don’t think he thinks enough of himself to commit suicide. He’s too mercenary at this point.

G: He feels to me like he’s trying to Finish something for a Reason. I will admit to being wrong about the reason if I am, but I don’t think he’s mercenary per se.

R: I mean he is spiritually a mercenary. He doesn’t exist for his own life. He has existed for AK since the day he ran into her car. Also, I want to be clear: I don’t really want it to be Nate under the sheet.

Nate doesn't even want to be under the influence of this storyline.
Nate doesn’t even want to be under the influence of this storyline.

I think Frank makes a better payoff for the story, but at this point the only people I can see AK shriek-crying as per the first episode are either Frank or Nate. Because Alfred Enoch is not leaving this show that he is basically a star of, and you are right that they are leading us to worry that it is Connor so that is a red herring.

We won't cry for you, Crazy with Grief Connor, because you are not really dead.
We won’t cry for you, Crazy with Grief Connor, because you are not really dead.

G: Yeah, I agree with DatAssessment of DatSheet.

R: Also I think Bonnie set the fire. Or she is covering up who did.

G: But we were already surprised when Bonnie did the terrible thing once. Bonnie and Wes have already each done the terrible thing once.

It's not that she couldn't pull it off, but…
It’s not that she couldn’t pull it off, but…

R: Ah, I guess you are right. Well, she’s covering up. AK didn’t set the fire, because she’s never guilty. Ok next week I predict we’ll see Nate and the DA SexyTimes in the future, and we’ll see the meeting at AK’s house that Asher mentions to Michaela. But we won’t see Connor, Wes, or Frank in the future time until the mid-season finale. I mean cliffhanger.

G: I accept all of these predictions. I don’t know that I’m enjoying the DA SexyTimes courtroom catfight, but I am enjoying Our Lady Davis’s ability to make Annalise seem small.



Seriously, how is your family making a life?  It is not just Asher who wants to know.

R: Maybe they’re making up for all the times that real lawyers would have objected in the kinds of cases that AK was trying? This show has not been the kind to meditate on the finer points of trial law procedures, and they’ve been ribbed for it. I am way more interested in Michaela’s relationship with her mom than I am in Waurel. Moar plz. Or her adopted mom? I don’t even know what Michaela calls her really.

G: Well, I feel like a lot of legal shows end up with that sort of Apology Plotline in response to such critiques. Hey, Guys, It’s Consequences! We’re All Okay Now! But V. Davis is taking it on as an actor, and it’s pretty amazing to watch.

R: It’s so easy to just enjoy the rides she takes us on, but you’re right to give her specific kudos for that.

Yeah … she went to Juilliard.
Yeah … she went to Juilliard.

G: I too am waaaay more interested in Michaela’s family than in Waurel. I am way more interested in Laurel’s family than in Waurel. There are literally no things on this show that I am not more interested in than in Waurel.

R: Will AK stay sober?

G: I mean, Michaela called her “Mom,” but I don’t know how Michaela thinks of her. The sobriety is a real thing in some ways and a red herring in others, and I appreciate the show’s ability to keep it both. Also all the snacking. I doubt she’ll stay sober, but if it keeps being a dramatic moment when she doesn’t, I will get bored.

R: You’re right that the show takes her alcoholism seriously and also isn’t trying to sensationalize it as a cheap Terrors of Addiction one ep arc. The drama from her drinking scenes or pill scenes have come from what they reveal about her relationship with Sam, with having children, with her own choices. And because Davis is amazing AMAZING, we go on that ride instead of the Brain on Drugz ride. Also, that 2 strikes deal to return to law practice is going to bite her either next season or the next. It’s going to look like she’s in danger this season, but she won’t really be, but it will come back.

All Annalise's movements will be closely scrutinized.
All Annalise’s movements will be closely scrutinized.

G: That sounds accurate.

R: It reminded me of House, actually. Brilliant practitioner, coterie of assistants, drug problem.

G: Nurse Jackie, too, although addiction is the heart of that show. And President Frenemy is obvs a Big Bad inasmuch as the show does that, so she’s going to die dramatically at some point in the coming stretch. That shot of her leaning on the railing above the classroom was some kinda foreshadowing.

The looming railing of doooooom! Doooooooooom!
The looming railing of doooooom! Doooooooooom!

R: Hah! Or a call back to the DA nemesis redhead from last season. That woman was stamped for death.

G: Right, eggzackle.

R: What do we have for the COTW? Was it a validation of PTSD in a different form?

How should we read this woman's story?
How should we read this woman’s story?

G: I didn’t quite know what to make of it. Which in a way I liked. It was a callback to what I enjoyed about The Good Wife in terms of legal tricks being revealed for the tricks they are, and it seemed like it was sort of an exploration of empathy, or the idea that a diseased society/social system ultimately gets to everyone, maybe? I am enjoying not being sure.

R: Cool. I’m mixing it up in my head right now with some other case on another show where a young soldier accuses an officer of rape, but it turns out she’s describing what happened to another woman in her platoon because that woman isn’t ready to come forward. Anyway, this was a better plot.

G: Huh. I do not think that was a show that I watch.

R: I will not venture a guess, but it was another procedural. Anyway, what else before we wrap?

G: I think this episode might have been the best performance I’ve ever seen from either McGorry or King. It was nicely written at some points, but also flawed at others, and they really managed to carry it through. There was a depth to both of their honesties that made me happy.

Also the best dancing I have seen from McGorry.
Also the best dancing I have seen from McGorry. (Rasha diverges from Gemma on this point and shares Michaela’s annoyance)

R: I agree. I just wish they had been given primary emotional real estate in this episode without Waurel Scandals. If Waurel want to elope, they should go to Scandalverse where that ish is par for the course.

G: I could not agree more.

R: K, till next week when Nate gets reeled in to help Annalise “one more time.”

G: Ah. yes. Till then.

We also neglected to mention Oliver's mysterious sexydude. I think we will be seeing him again.
We also neglected to mention Oliver’s mysterious sexydude. I think we will be seeing him again.

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  1. I was over here confusing that plot with Scandal ‘s Military rape episode… the military woman had got pregnant when she was raped by one of the admirals. Not similar at all… but I guess a lot of shows have this sort of plot.

    Btw I’m new here and loveeeeeee you two’s commentary! Found you all’s comment on Vulture. New fan!