Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E9 (MIDSEASON FINALE)

Rest in peace–WHAT AM I SAYING THERE IS NO PEACE ON THIS SHOW. We don’t want you to go.

Rasha: Ok, so this episode right here proves that HTGAWM fears nothing. THEY KILLED WES.

Gemma: I KNOW. IT WAS INSANE. It never even crossed my mind that they could do that.

R: I straight up dismissed that possibility because I was apparently caught up in some real limited sh*t about how main characters can’t die. But look, let’s be real that Sam Keating died in S1 and we are still watching Tom Verica dance through the poison plum fairy thoughts in everyone’s head.

G: Shows in the past have taught me main characters could die–Six Feet Under, just for starters–but I was still shocked.

R: So now Annalise has ghost babies and ghost surrogate sons. Damn, she cannot catch a break! And Wes, that poor young man!!!! I still seriously cannot believe that his life is over and the show is going on. I need Whitney Houston plus Trisha Yearwood right now. How. Do. I. Live.

G: I honor them, though. They knew how high the stakes were. They knew Nate was Ex Machina and that it would have been disappointing to have it end up him. They played us with the timeline in a way that was just enough for us to know we were played but not enough for us to feel betrayed about it. And they knew the only way we could be devastated enough was if we lost the person we didn’t think we could lose. As a writer, I honor this sh*t.

R: For real. They are teaching me. They ain’t never scared! This is some Season 1 ish have me screaming at the television, just gasping.

G: It didn’t even click. When Nate walked into the autopsy room, I actually had to think “…but who else is there even?”

Wait, what?!?!
Wait, what?!?!

R: I mean, emotionally, it absolutely makes sense. These motherf^ckers right here, though, I would never play poker with any of them. Stakes so high!

G: Seriously. And pokerface like whoa.


G: And you got some Michaela backstory, which I know you wanted for yourself.

R: This was almost up there with some murdering Will Gardner type.

G: I mean, the only difference was we knew SOMEBODY was dead in this one.

R: Like, are Meggie and Laurel going to raise the child together?!

The family that grieves together…?
The family that grieves together…?

Are Bonnie and Frank going to gaze at each other with tortured longing?

G: This child will be raised in the Keating Incubator. Annalise and Laurel will develop some weird intensity about rebirth.

That's how she'll get through the worst…
That’s how she’ll get through the worst…

R: Whoa, I’m not ready for santeria, except maybe I am? Ok, yes, I am completely ready for this show to get straight up occult.

G: I mean, having one of the Scoobies pregnant after son and surrogate son both die … what is available to us but santeria?

Extensions, since you asked. Also vodka.
Extensions, since you asked. Also vodka.

R: Damn. That is Rumpelstiltskin level, your first born belongs to me type. I am sorry, I can’t really talk about what is even happening in this show.

G: I’m considering never again talking about anything EXCEPT what is even happening in this show.

R: Do you think next season we’ll get a flashforward of the family picture with all the Scoobycest couples and the reincarnation of Wes baby?

G: Oh, gracious. This is a possibility.

R: With AK in the middle as the matriarch? And Frank in khakis?

G: I also need to know how Wes was dead before the fire!

R: Mahoneys. All my moneys on Mahoneys.

Mahoneys on all the money.
Mahoneys on all the money.

G: I got that far. But what were Mahoneys doing and why and how? Is Rebecca linked to Mahoneys?



R: I thought Frank solved that a long time ago by burying her in a cemetery where people don’t think it’s weird when you dig and find human remains.

G: Well, then Frank moved her body …? in order to …? It could just be a continuity glitch, but given that it would be this show’s first-ever continuity glitch, it gives me pause.

R: I don’t know what Frank has been up to since he nearly shot himself in AK’s living room, but that seems important. Like the shot with him calling Bonnie lingered too long on where he was. Maybe we’re supposed to think Franq2.0 was jealous? I don’t buy that.

G: Bonnie asked him to fix a thing. We do not know how that thing got fixed or whether this counts as fixed.

R: Maybe someone who knew about Rebecca’s body unburied it and planted it to implicate Frank/Keating? Which time was that? the fixing part?

G: How can one name the times? it was one of the times. She said that we were all in jeopardy and you could fix it.

This scene, maybe?
This scene, maybe?

R: But earlier this season? In the present timeline rather than the past?

G: Present. It was near the end of the ep, just before we learned all the things, but we didn’t see what he did.

R: Huhn. I may have to rewatch before the return of the show in the new year. Ok, shall we tally all the people who have it in for AK and would firebomb her house? 1) President Frenemy: doesn’t seem her style.

G: President Frenemy was somehow not in this episode, tho. 2) Mahoneys. 3) Frank, who planned for it to go slightly differently.

Can we just accept that Frank talking on the phone is never a good sign?
Can we just accept that Frank talking on the phone is never a good sign?

R: Mahoneys could do this, but why? Seems like the fire covers up Wes’ death, but was it meant to cover up something else?

G: I think it was, given how heavily they were teasing us with that fireplace fire.

a) burned down the house. b) did not burn down the house.
a) burned down the house. b) did not burn down the house.

R: AK has already burned documents and incriminating ish. What could it be to cover? Someone breaking in to the house and stealing something? Someone who just hates Ak that much? I mean, explosions have to be premeditated. They are not impulsive actions.

G: I am lost. If this year has taught me nothing else, I’ve learned that I am not actually capable of predicting anything, about anything, at all, ever. Someone who planned for AK to be in the house.

R: Right, everyone had been called over to the house. Someone who was tapping their phones, like 4) The DA’s office?

G: It made me think of AK calling in S1, to act like things had happened at times other than they did. This show is above a jealous girlfriend firebomb.

R: Seems like seriously shady dealings, even for a prosecutor’s office who is desperately trying to bring her down. Well, it seems like the investigation into AK is fueled by more than just the young actress who is chewing on the scenery.

G: Oh, gracious, and that scenery is something to chew on.

R: When she’s not chewing on Nate! Too far?

Scenery and Nate: both delicious.
Scenery and Nate: both delicious.

G: Nope, own it. Well, the people we know with the most money to make other people do things right now are definitely the Mahoneys.

R: Yeah, I come back to 2) Mahoneys: money, mob connections, motive to hate AK at least twice over, and history of murderating. The four Ms! We will see Mama Mahoney in the second half of the season. But then there’s my dark horse candidate: 5) Simon Drake.

G: He and President Frenemy are both stealth bombs for something bigger, but it is beyond my ability to foresee.

R: Clearly has something against AK, is a schemer, and if the fire is not to cover something up, then it is just pure vendetta and a desire to make AK homeless.

G: The fire is definitely to cover something up.

R: Aw, damn, I just realized that she’ll have to go visit Mama now that she doesn’t have a place to live. More Cicely Tyson!!!

G: Yay, extra bonus!

R: This show has me cheering for the most twisted.

G: Oh, always.

R: I will say: I am glad that Nate and Frank are still alive so that their stories can be elaborated. Will Nate finally get to be Ex-ex Machina or will he just keep being AK’s Ex ex Machina?

Ex X x x Ex ex ex …
Ex X x x Ex ex ex …

G: I am ready for more Frank. I’m having a hard time seeing where Nate’s going to go unless HE masterminded an evil revenge plan. You know, I would hate the coyness of this show if the payoff weren’t so good.

R: We didn’t even talk about Mickey’s mama!

And boy, is she unhappy about it.
And boy, is she unhappy about it.

I am all the way on Michaela’s side here.

This was not the care package she needed.

And Connor saying: we’re all what’s wrong with the gay community.

Alive to manifest the problems with the gay community.
Lives to manifest those problems another day.

G: Everybody was so raw this entire episode!

R: Yar. Hilarious tho: Laurel calling Wes while drunk telling him “hey, where are you? I really feel like fixing you right now.” Their argument felt real.

Sharp writing.
Sharp writing.

G: It did. But gawd, what a last message to have left someone. They really did do the Will Gardner thing, didn’t they? In terms of actual life actually interrupted. More Dramz leading up to it, of course, but there was no pause in his life for him to die in.

R: Lourdes indeed. Yes, they did. Ok, my only prediction for the second half is that whoever killed Wes is not the same person/people who set the firebomb. Beyond that, nothing is promised.

G: Yeah. Either lucky coincidence or interesting coordination.

R: Till 2017!

G: Till then! Hoping Viola Davis is planning awesome films in the meantime!

R: Yarp. And Alfred Enoch too!!

G: Yes please! Give that man some work!

Oh, Alfred Enoch, we will miss your non-flashback self.
Oh, Alfred Enoch, we will miss your non-flashback self.