Diablog: May Sinner’s Roundup

Gemma: So what’s been on your watching plate lately? Rasha: Well, I’ve been working on a lot of longer writing projects, as you know, and then just needing to clear a lot of other work, so TV’s been on in the background. I binge-watched Queen Sugar while revising my chapter. I recommend it. G: Yes, […]

Diablog: Metaphors of Magic in Film, TV, and Literature, Part II

Read Part I here. Rasha : Ok, moar magicks? Gemma: Moar! R: From where we left off: love + power, and How hard is magick really? G: There’s a lot to what you said last time about magic as metaphor for artistic creation, which in turn can be a metaphor for romance and/or sexuality, and […]

Diablog: Metaphors for Magic in TV, Film, and Literature – Part I

Rasha: I have a few questions to start off: If we’re talking about metaphors for magick, then we should name the metaphors we see. So what is magick a metaphor for? Also, which shows do we want to name? I guess I just have a couple of questions for now. Gemma: I started into this […]

Diablog: Hard Time and the LadyPerson Mystery Writer

Rasha: Shall we dive into ladypeople mystery writers? Gemma: We shall! Do we begin with Hard Time and work outwards? R: I have not yet finished re-reading Hard Time. I picked it up for poolside reading this summer, and it was seriously stressing me out! I put aside after the first few chapters and just […]

Diablog: Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Talents Part II

Read Part I here. Rasha: So last time we talked dystopian context in Octavia Butler’s Parables. One thing I neglected to talk about about were the parallels many folks drew between the escape narratives in Parable of the Sower and real-life escapes from urban disaster areas like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. As we come […]