Diablog: What Happened, Miss Simone?

Rasha: I found this documentary thought-provoking. I enjoyed it. It was longer than I thought it would be, but by the end I felt like they really could have included so much more, especially about her illness. I can only guess that her family and estate were less keen on emphasizing that. Gemma: That makes […]

Film Fest: Women in Struggle

Gemma: I have several places I could start with this one. 1) THIS is how you do a microbudget aesthetic. 2) This film turned out much bleaker than I could have anticipated from its beginning, and that seemed right. 3) “Political life alone is very dry, with no humanity.” Rasha: This was not the roughest […]

Film Fest: Waltz with Bashir

Rasha: So, I’ll start by saying two things: One, since I haven’t seen Birth of a Nation, this might be the most racist film I’ve ever watched. Two, even on its own terms, I’m not sure what this film is trying to accomplish. Gemma: What would you say “its own terms” were? R: That’s a […]