Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E9 (MIDSEASON FINALE)

Rasha: Ok, so this episode right here proves that HTGAWM fears nothing. THEY KILLED WES. Gemma: I KNOW. IT WAS INSANE. It never even crossed my mind that they could do that. R: I straight up dismissed that possibility because I was apparently caught up in some real limited sh*t about how main characters can’t […]

Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E7

Gemma: So we’re down to Frank or Nate or Connor under #DatSheet, and either Wes is evil or he and Annalise have some secret conspiracy that he took too far again. Rasha: I was thinking in the last few episodes that Wes seems younger than all the other characters, and I’m not sure if it’s […]

Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E6

Gemma: Well, that experience ended with me screaming DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT at my internet TV screen. Rasha: I wanted to text you. I am not here for #Waurel babies. Let me be clear: both of these actors are lovely human beings, and Alfred Enoch is a tall and handsome man of compelling intensity, but there […]

Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1 E5

Gemma: I am all in suspense about Annalise’s backstory now. Rasha: YES. Although that water glass she keeps filling with vodka gives me some directions to guess at. G: As do her very pointed emotional reactions to the COTW. R: Hmm. I was wondering what I was seeing there. Yes, she could have a connection. […]