Diablog: The Fall, Series 1 & 2

Gemma: My mother, who just started watching The Fall, mentioned being frustrated by how not-notably-clever Spector seems, and I found myself responding that that was the point. Rasha: Yeah. The portrayal of Spector as the bad guy is such a departure from most other CSI/SVU interpretations of Monstrous Predators. G: And from the other long-developing […]

Recap/Review: Scandal S3, E12 and The Good Wife S5, E14

Meeting of the evil minds. Rasha: Well, starting with Scandal, I was glad for shorter monologues this week (soliloquies? what do we call the scene chomping, teeth gnashing tears that are a staple of this show?) And even think that Jake’s at the beginning works. Gemma: I do not know what to call them, although […]

Recap/Review: The Good Wife, S5 Ep8

Rasha: Where to start? I appreciated the case this week. The absurdity of the courts, jurisdictions, different stipulations that affect immigration rulings. They fit a lot in. Gemma: Yes. Ferrera spoke about this when she was on in S2. The cases were similar then. I appreciated it politically, but on a narrative level, I can’t […]