Somonka Review: Blindspot

Gemma: Turns out I’ll watch any- thing with Kalinda in WITSEC. Still, I long for subtext, for subtleties in evil conspirators. Rasha: What is plot, really? Screaming actors asking for someone to listen? Seems it’s a naked woman covered in money tattoos. Tries to be twisty Heroine is a traitor? Traitors are good guys? We’ve […]

Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E4

Rasha: Where can we even start? Gemma: Okay, so we now know Laurel is not under #DatSheet because she was elsewhere. And now we have my classic argument with Shondaland. R: ? G: Point: seriously, now we have to wonder about who got Laurel pregnant? That’s our dilemma now, really? Counterpoint: WHO GOT LAUREL PREGNANT??!?!?!

Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E1

Gemma: You know, for all my acumen at following HTGAWM, I found this one uniquely hard to track. Rasha: They wanted it to be tricky. Like, we’re supposed to think that the time-flash to the body in the ambulance is a flashback to Mahoney getting loaded up after being shot, but SURPRISE TWIST it’s actually […]