Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S2 E5

Gemma: Was there anything that was NOT addressed or that did NOT transpire in this episode? Because I’m swimming in the content right now. Rasha: Catherine Hapstall has not yet appeared in the future. I am still counting. She is the only one who has not. G: Oh, you make an excellent point. That indicates […]

Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1 E11

Rasha: Soooo, BEST CHRISTMAS EVAH!? Gemma: This just in—How to Get Away With Murder: YOU DON’T. R: Also known as WTF Happened to Rudy? ‘Cause those claw marks over the bed are definitely indicative of a rough moving out process. G: He was trapped in and scraping the walls!! Rebecca will soon reveal her evil. […]

Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1 E5

Gemma: I am all in suspense about Annalise’s backstory now. Rasha: YES. Although that water glass she keeps filling with vodka gives me some directions to guess at. G: As do her very pointed emotional reactions to the COTW. R: Hmm. I was wondering what I was seeing there. Yes, she could have a connection. […]

Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1, E2

Rasha: I LOVED THIS EPISODE. Gemma: WOW! We say that so rarely! R: And the reasons why are so subtle. It’s not the same kind of blown-away powerhouseness that an episode like TGW‘s firm split was. G: Share! R: Viola Davis really sold me on why students would ditch all their other lawyering classes to […]