Diablog: Sleepy Hollow, S2 E17

Rasha: DUDE, THEY WENT FULL OCTAVIA BUTLER KINDRED. Gemma: Nearly full. I have to say I appreciated their acknowledgment of their own limits. As I was figuring out the time shift, I was like “sh*t, are they gonna go there? are they actually gonna go there?” and then up come the white dudes and I […]

Diablog: Sleepy Hollow, S2 E16

Rasha: Happy Birthday to You! Gemma: Thank you thank you!! R: For you AND THIS EPISODE!!!! G: Seriously! I have some hope again now. R: I take back what I said about HTGAWM last week. Sleepy Hollow, I can’t quit you. This episode was EVERYTHING. Damian Kindler has to write all the episodes from now […]

Recap/Review: Sleepy Hollow, S2, E1

Rasha: Sleepy Hollow. Gemma: Sleepy Hollow! I was not thrilled with that premiere. R: Tell me why. G: I thought it evaded the richest potential threads. We needed more of what Purgatory is like for Abbie—it was so specific in the finale last season, and suddenly just a lot of wandering ghostly scariness, which are […]