Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S3 E1

Gemma: You know, for all my acumen at following HTGAWM, I found this one uniquely hard to track. Rasha: They wanted it to be tricky. Like, we’re supposed to think that the time-flash to the body in the ambulance is a flashback to Mahoney getting loaded up after being shot, but SURPRISE TWIST it’s actually […]


Here we define a few terms that have become shorthand at the Sinners Creek Commission.   Big Red Dog: the “moral” of an episode or film offers a conclusion that is the opposite of the content up to that point. Often results in the audience taking away the “wrong” message. Emerson said it as “What […]

Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1 E3

Rasha: So I count 4 storylines to check in on: Annalise and Sam who has no murder alibi but Nate lies; Rebecca and Wes and quarterback case plus bonus Annalise; the Case of The Week: Faux SDS bombers featuring Ugly Betty’s sister. Gemma: Right, I hadn’t figured out where I knew her from ’til I […]

Recap/Review: Scandal S3, E12 and The Good Wife S5, E14

Meeting of the evil minds. Rasha: Well, starting with Scandal, I was glad for shorter monologues this week (soliloquies? what do we call the scene chomping, teeth gnashing tears that are a staple of this show?) And even think that Jake’s at the beginning works. Gemma: I do not know what to call them, although […]