Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1 E11

Rasha: Soooo, BEST CHRISTMAS EVAH!? Gemma: This just in—How to Get Away With Murder: YOU DON’T. R: Also known as WTF Happened to Rudy? ‘Cause those claw marks over the bed are definitely indicative of a rough moving out process. G: He was trapped in and scraping the walls!! Rebecca will soon reveal her evil. […]

Recap/Review: The Good Wife, S5 Ep8

Rasha: Where to start? I appreciated the case this week. The absurdity of the courts, jurisdictions, different stipulations that affect immigration rulings. They fit a lot in. Gemma: Yes. Ferrera spoke about this when she was on in S2. The cases were similar then. I appreciated it politically, but on a narrative level, I can’t […]