Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S2 E11

Gemma: So,turns out the timeline I had in my mind was off–Annalise was with Sam when she met Rose, and she was, in fact, real-people pregnant, although clearly had some traumatic history with pregnancy prior to this one. Rasha: I thought she was just being her cynical self. Which, of course, comes from trauma. G: […]

Diablog: How To Get Away with Murder, S2 E6

Gemma: Okay, DAFUQ? Rasha: I admit that when li’l mystery baby surprise Hapstall showed up, I was like: Caleb, are you your aunt’s child?! G: Instead, the secret baby is a hacker at Oliver’s level (that or Oliver’s actually a really bad hacker and we just never knew) who better not be a plot-device sociopath. […]