Character Study: Bi Female Characters in TV and Film, Part II

Read Part I here. Rasha: So there are two things on my mind as we return to the topic of Bisexual Secondary Lady Characters in TV and Film: one is obviously Delphine in Orphan Black, and the other is an urge to step back from the phenomenon of bisexuality on TV and film and ask […]

Diablog: Hard Time and the LadyPerson Mystery Writer

Rasha: Shall we dive into ladypeople mystery writers? Gemma: We shall! Do we begin with Hard Time and work outwards? R: I have not yet finished re-reading Hard Time. I picked it up for poolside reading this summer, and it was seriously stressing me out! I put aside after the first few chapters and just […]

Character Study: Political Animals on Scandal, House of Cards, and The Good Wife, Part 1

“We’ve barely scratched the surface.” Rasha: Here for political animals! Gemma: So, do we want to look at each and then the relationships among the three, or do we want to be relational throughout? R: I was thinking the latter. One of the questions that came up for me was: what are the characteristics of […]