Character Study: The Mills Sisters on Sleepy Hollow

Rasha: So we’re here to talk about the Sisters Mills in a character study, yes, in good part prompted by the death of Abbie on Sleepy Hollow. What have you watched of the 3rd season? G: A plurality, if not a majority. I skipped about six. Maybe more. It was pretty boring. But I have […]

Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S2 E9–MIDSEASON FINALE

Gemma: WELL then! Rasha: This show is incredibly stressful to watch. Maybe even more so than last season? G: Definitely more so. The deeper the relationships among the primary characters, the higher the stakes. R: And this season seems to be focusing on the long-term consequences of trying to avoid consequences. G: And yet, the […]

Diablog: Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Talents Part II

Read Part I here. Rasha: So last time we talked dystopian context in Octavia Butler’s Parables. One thing I neglected to talk about about were the parallels many folks drew between the escape narratives in Parable of the Sower and real-life escapes from urban disaster areas like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. As we come […]


Here we define a few terms that have become shorthand at the Sinners Creek Commission.   Big Red Dog: the “moral” of an episode or film offers a conclusion that is the opposite of the content up to that point. Often results in the audience taking away the “wrong” message. Emerson said it as “What […]

Diablog: Sleepy Hollow, S2 E17

Rasha: DUDE, THEY WENT FULL OCTAVIA BUTLER KINDRED. Gemma: Nearly full. I have to say I appreciated their acknowledgment of their own limits. As I was figuring out the time shift, I was like “sh*t, are they gonna go there? are they actually gonna go there?” and then up come the white dudes and I […]

Recap/Review: Sleepy Hollow, S2 E13

Rasha: Five things we wish would happen in Sleepy Hollow, a list from each of us. My #1: For once, Hawley doesn’t have a MacGuffin. He’s like, “naw, I’m fresh out. I got nothing.” Gemma: That would be awesome. My A#1 is Katrina either becomes completely evil or leaves the show.