Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1 E3

Rasha: So I count 4 storylines to check in on: Annalise and Sam who has no murder alibi but Nate lies; Rebecca and Wes and quarterback case plus bonus Annalise; the Case of The Week: Faux SDS bombers featuring Ugly Betty’s sister. Gemma: Right, I hadn’t figured out where I knew her from ’til I […]

Recap/Review: How to Get Away with Murder, S1, E2

Rasha: I LOVED THIS EPISODE. Gemma: WOW! We say that so rarely! R: And the reasons why are so subtle. It’s not the same kind of blown-away powerhouseness that an episode like TGW‘s firm split was. G: Share! R: Viola Davis really sold me on why students would ditch all their other lawyering classes to […]