Diablog: Jane the Virgin, S2 E19

Gemma: I guess I could start with the epic affront this constituted to my profession … Rasha: Dude, what with the #writersarentglamenough and #letmesexthislesbianintostraightness, I really don’t know if I even can. Like, can I? WHAT can I even? G: #letmesexthislesbianintostraightness was in Tiago, to be fair. It’s just they don’t have the space to […]

Diablog: Jane the Virgin, S2 E18

Rasha: I continue to be annoyed by their portrayal/non-portrayal of the feminist advisor. Gemma: Ugh, yes. Worse this week. R: In my experience, feminists do not hate romance. G: You mean, non-cartoon feminists? No, they don’t. This was one where the show’s usual quirky meta-cleverness about itself just seemed to fall flat. It was just […]

Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S2 E14

Gemma: I think we have now seen that Eve’s short skirts are a generalized costuming choice, and one I’m not necessarily wild about. Rasha: Yeah, they need to bring back the fishtail pants. G: That said: the Hapstall conspiracy is far more complex than it seems, and I am NOT OKAY WITH ALL THIS SCOOBYGANGCEST. […]

Diablog: How to Get Away with Murder, S2 E13

Rasha: I am…I’ll say that I thought that argument between Eve and Annalise in the hotel room was very real, and I’m not sure that I’ve seen something like it on TV before. Gemma: It was good stuff. I guess I should have realized at the midseason finale that there was no way we could […]